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Beasts of the Mesozoic T. rex

I love T. rex so much, absolutely my favorite thing to paint. Created for the Beasts of the Mesozoic Tyrannosaur figure line coming soon to Kickstarter. Really tried to push my brush strokes more here.

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       BotM-Triceratops horridus by arvalis  -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis 


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HAIL TO THE KING OF THE DINOSAUR! Among sign the western dragon and Godzilla

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Now I wish for a "beasts of the Cenozoic" too xD. I just love convergent evolution man, ankylosaurs and glyptodonts are fascinating as an example.

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"...coat racks, hat racks, pipe racks, or Tyrannosaurus racks."

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Is this by any chance inspired by the latest reconstruction of Sue? Because it reminds me of that

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Nope. Its based on a sculpt by @LittleBaardo. We have worked together a long time and have come to similar stances on rex reconstruction

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esta brutal me encanta

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Big T! Amazing work.

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Absolutely astounding use of colour!

I don't know if you do non-paid requests, but could you do some work based on the fauna of LA Brea. I would appreciate greatly

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When you finally get the pickle jar open.

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The details are amazing !

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Gosh that's stinkin' cool!

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Awesome work. How's things going?

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Hell yeah! Realistic Trex!

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As intimidating as it should be!

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You really knocked it out of the park!

When are we going to be seeing the juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex?

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probably next month

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