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Battle of the Octosuchus
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Published: June 20, 2011
Here is my Rift Contest entry for the planar theme of life.

Looking at all the other entries, very few have wide compositions. Something doesnt need to be super tall to be colossal, look at a blue whale. So whats cooler than an eight legged blue whale sized crocodile.

The idea i had was based on Odin's eight legged horse. This colossal croc has plover like scavenger birds that feed on the remnants of whatever gets stuck in its teeth. These birds are based around the description of odin have spear like head crests and beard-like feather ruffles under the jaw. These giant monsters are very hard to kill if at all, this one has dozens of weapons left in its hide after its many triumphs. It grows a dense layer of moss on its back as well.

Hope you guys like this, it took a lot of sheer will power to persevere, started it on friday night. Gotten very little sleep since.

Concept Sheet:

PhotoshopCS3: 15-20 hours?
Octosuchus©RJ Palmer
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Macintosh
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Comments (154)
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There was really no point of them messing with it it did nothing to them
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DracoQueen12|Student Digital Artist
I Love the size of the scutes, and how they aren't entirely consistent or right beside each other, just makes it even better!
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Scarease's avatar
Scarease|Hobbyist General Artist
I do not think guys strength is cut that hide at all .
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Midway2009's avatar
Midway2009|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What a big reptile! :jawdrop:
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iamjustarandomperson's avatar
I notice the swords stuck in the things snout and think: "Who exactly thought that was a good idea?"
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PerfectChaos22's avatar
Monster Hunter Iceborne looks great
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LittleMissWordMaster's avatar
LittleMissWordMaster|Student Digital Artist
Yeah that guy's gonna die
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OliverFallsDK's avatar
I love it. It really reminds me of my favorite game shadow of the colossus. A great game. I could totally see this monstrosity be in the game.
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EliTheDinoGuy's avatar
EliTheDinoGuy|Student General Artist
Unless that axe has magical properties, or that guy has a vital spot in mind... I think they may be slightly intoxicated...
Great art BTW. The detail is still astounding :)
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RebellingLemming's avatar
RebellingLemming|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great art!
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AnimeRia4210's avatar
AnimeRia4210|Hobbyist Artist
I used to have nightmares about creatures like that...
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thecatsaid|Student Digital Artist
>see this
>see who made it
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raptor347's avatar
raptor347|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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LadyRoseDoffy's avatar
LadyRoseDoffy|Student Digital Artist
epic quest nice
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Mondanian101's avatar
(Looks at guy with the axe) "Go get 'em tiger!" *Oh dear he's doomed* Anyway, you are an amazing artist!! Your art is so amazing and overwhelming I almost teared up once... no joke. I have been on your page for an hour now... :D Anyway, great work, have a good day, and you are totally awesome. *Snapping fingers as I slowly back away*  
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APJJ1's avatar
... WHELP theyre boned.
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Lunarsmith's avatar
Lunarsmith|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Huh - I was guessing it was inspired by the versions of the basilisk that depict it as an eight-legged serpent.

Awesome nonetheless. :D
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Snakeman2013's avatar
nothing. Nothings cooler than a whale-sized 8-leg croc
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aymen11's avatar
What if he had a top hat and a monocle?
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Snakeman2013's avatar
OK, that is cooler
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aymen11's avatar
Everything is cooler with a top hat and a monocle let that be a life lesson for all who read this comment
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Felinas's avatar
OK, not gonna lie, if I were to see that, I wouldn't be running towards it even if I had Thor's effing hammer. I'd be high-tailing it out of there screaming "GOOD LUCK GUYS!" XD
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DrakoWolf1987's avatar
DrakoWolf1987|Hobbyist General Artist
This is pretty epic!
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Selmarkai|Hobbyist General Artist
makes me think of monster hunter :)
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