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Alien T. rex

So I actually did this a ways back, some of you may have seen this already but I never officially posted it places. I wanted to see if I could distill all of the elements I found vital to the xenomorph from Alien 1979(Big Chap) and recreate them using the anatomy of a Tyrannosaurus. Like Big Chap is to a man, I wanted this to be seen like a corruption of the anatomy of a Tyrannosaurus. A notable characteristic of big chap was the elongated anatomy, all of its limbs and head were stretched. I did this where I found appropriate, notably the pelvic elements, because first and foremost big chap was designed as a perverse sexual monster. The design of Big Chap, and all elements that HR Giger has a hand in on Alien have been immensely inspirational to me. I feel no Alien film since has recaptured what made the alien what it was. All designs since, with the exception of the queen, have felt like they entirely missed the point. Merely shoving an alien head on a frenetic beast bereft of the biomechanical origins and erotic design traits. Its a real shame. Anyway, here's a T. rex.

Without the Dome

  Rjpalmer Alien Pitch 002 by arvalis 
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This is the best thing I ever laid eyes on

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Ah yes, xenomorphic rex... Why did you give it a big peepee?

Actually, I don't want to know

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They decided to exaggerate the proportions of the ischium and pubis, because with xenomorphs, there anatomy is very pronounced and exaggerated

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Also, the source material is H.R. Giger's work which is extremely phallic and I should have known that...

If a Facehugger got a T-Rex in Jurassic Park? This, just this.

Tyrannomorphous rex??? :worship:

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An Aliens / Jurassic park crossover would be an interesting event. :) (Smile) 
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What twisted circle of Dante's Inferno did this thing crawl out of?

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I LOVES IT! :happybounce: La la la la Run Away :nuu: 
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Well...that will just ruin your day.

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Xenotyrannus acheron (Strange Tyrant of Acheron)
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Well, I for one welcome our new Alien-Rex overlords.
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How would a facehugger even get on a T-Rex?
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The rex ate the whole egg
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you've gotta be kidding
as if those things couldn't get anymore terrifying.
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Wouldn't want to meet this guy
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Man you are taking my two childhood horriors and loves and combining them into something that scares the shit out of me and makes me want a toy of it at the same time. H.R.Giger would be proud. 
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Why does he have a dick
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Xenomorphs tend to follow the bone structure of their host T-Rex like birds have a large pelvis that extends and shapes their lower body. Question should be is his face mouth long enough to get past those jaws?
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He's an awesome creature!
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