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Please allow a few moments for it to load all the way, its a big file. Boy this one took forever. The plan was to get this ready for sale at Fanime back in May, but that didn't work out. It was very difficult doing a skeletal for a pterosaur, as I've never really worked much with pterosaurs. I kinda just jumped in and tried to tackle it. Overall I'm pretty pleased with the payoff. There is one bone used here that does not occur in real pterosaurs, I think I'll call it an Aeroid. And now, the flavor text:

Aerodactyl is a very robust flying reptile from an era long since passed. The first fossils of this Pokemon were discovered 142 years ago by Charles Othniel Birch and Edward Drinker Oak. Its skull and wing were very well preserved in fossilized amber. In the advent of the high age of high technology, the same tech boom that lead to the creation of Pokeballs, science has discovered the ability to reconstruct fossils as living Pokemon. Once revived, there were several interesting things not predicted in paleoart; especially the barbed tongue. It had been long assumed that Aerodactyls would catch Pokemon in its jaws and take them to the ground to rip them apart with their massive jaws, however, it was discovered that Aerodactyls only use their mighty maw to engulf much smaller prey and use their barbed tongue to pull the Pokemon down its throat whole. Their barbed tongue is not unique, and not unlike those tongues of Braviaries and Pidgeots. Science was also surprised that Aerodactyl was not, as displayed in outdated paleoart, brown or tan, but in fact, he was FABULOUS with great purple wings. He is also furry, science didn't see that one coming; way to go science.

Archen is a much more recently discovered prehistoric Pokemon. They were the juvenile stage of the larger Archeops, a predecessor to the modern bird Pokemon. Archeops laid large clutches of eggs, sometimes yielding as many as 15 baby Archen. However Archeops are now known to be terrible parents, letting their kids fly all over the place. As pictured here, they a real treat for a hungry Aerodactyl.

Cranidos are infant Rampardos. Once this species was revived, it was discovered that both the adult and juvenile stages are very slow. Infact it is not uncommon to see a Cranidos easily keeping pace with a Rampardos. What they lack in speed, they more than make up for in power. Rampardos is capable of dealing a 16,500 PSI impact from their dome. The Cranidos shown here is much more content to trundle off than deal with that big purple son of a bitch.

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Photoshop CS5: 25+ hours I think
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Think you could do one for the Fennekin Evolution line??

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The only stains on this masterpiece are the "David Peters legs"; and this artwork brilliantly shows how dumb those are. Those splayed legs and feet are about as aerodynamic as Homer Simpson and they would act like permanent air brakes.

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I thought it was closer to the original aerodactyl shape since the patagia doesnt travel to his legs at all. I might have done a few things different now though.

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Yeah, to be honest the original Aerodactyl doesn't have much in common with actual pterosaurs beside "big prehistoric flying thing", and it's overall much more like your average wyvern; complete with meaty legs and feet like a bird of prey. You were right to amalgamate everithing into a more pterosaur-like shape.

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Man, I love your Fossil Pokemon. <3
I wonder how Aurorus would look in your style.
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Oh boy, too many neck verts, no thank you

PantherKing239's avatar
arvalis's avatar

cervical vertebrae, basically too many damn bones in the neck

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this is sooo amazing omg
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I readed Charles Othiniel Bitch....
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I didnt know Othniel Marsh was Birch, and Edward Cope was Oak, In the pokemon world. That's really smart, I couldn't think of that.
There’s a persistent rumor that a small number of these actually survived deep underground, and that one of them captured and attempted to eat a young research intern of Samuel Oak in the late 90s. Apparently there’s a photo of the event that’s been circulating since then. How true is this?
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Probably accurate?
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I remember this one, catching it was a total pain
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I thought you revived it :T
NathanElhanan's avatar
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Ye, you use old amber
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i love the way you added this effect to fossil pokemon :D (Big Grin) 
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"142 years ago". Nice ;)
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this looks so possible
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