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A Girl and Her Pet

First picture of 2010. What can i say, i love a good T-rex. This was a sketch i did on the last day of my Cintiq Clothed figure class, i was looking at it again and thought it was ridiculously awesome. Hope you guys like it.

Photoshop Sketch: 20 min
Painter 11: 5-6 hours
T-rex girl©RJ Palmer
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Primal rule 63
Philoceratops's avatar
Hwoo, a lot has changed since then!
Aetostheronin's avatar
Princess Mononoke? Looks like she's stepped up from the wolves.
grisador's avatar
The Ark II : Survival Remastered ! :D
PeteriDish's avatar
wonder what she did to the t. rex to make a dog out of it :D
kyubiman's avatar
Heel Fido! Heel!
vipermoon878's avatar
trex*get this stupit pease of wood out of my mouth please*the fase feacher looked like theat to me
gwenrome's avatar
awww, i always wanted a T-Rex for a pet
280077s's avatar
Sweetness! she's so lucky!! Awesome work, I love it!
Legion1a's avatar
Awesome work :)
Sivatherium07's avatar
This is ridiculously awesome. Is the Rex male or female? I'm guessing female because palaeontologists said they were stockier.
Sivatherium07's avatar
Or maybe male? I just saw the bump.
Deviously-Pink's avatar
omg this was always my dream xD
PhantasmMarquesses's avatar
This would be me, totally :) I love this!
Brutechieftan's avatar
it be better if she was ridding it cuz he could nom nom on her...
AnachanLagamine's avatar
Great pic !
This pic looks like a little to an old drawing of mine... [link]
TheGurch's avatar
Your beasts are magnificent!
Tuckerscreator's avatar
Now how does she feed it.
ZombieFighter116's avatar
Probably with dead animals
Tuckerscreator's avatar
Or annoying neighbors...
ZombieFighter116's avatar
Nosy neighbors lolz
rathian619's avatar
charmeleon i choose you X)
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