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My computer is sorta running again. I've had the idea to do an amphibian Dragonite for weeks without the the means to execute it. Upon research I've discovered that Dratini looks suspiciously like a salamander tadpole, everything just fits into place. Pretty much the only time in nature a vaguely serpentine creature transforms into a reptilian looking critter.

The way I was looking at it is that Dragonites are very rare in the wild as it reaches maturity at around 55 years old. They can be trained into maturity much faster than they grow in nature. Dragonites are exceptional swimmer and are very strong ambush predators, using their powerful legs or tail to propel themselves at prey. They often are mistaken for taking flight when really they just jump great heights.

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PhotoshopCS3: 8-10 hours
Dragonite, Dragonair, Dratini©Nintendo
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Very good other then the usual issues I have had with your otherwise fantastic works that I have already mentioned in earlier posts