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Freelance illustrator and concept artist in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact:

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Quick art trick to save your life
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DeviantArt has decided your artwork there is fair game to be used in their new AI generator by default. You have to go to an obscure form to opt-out and requires 10 days to be reviewed. I am beyond frustrated with them and the timing of this. If you would like to opt-out, the form is here If you would like to read their press release
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Deviousness Award

arvalis may be widely known as the realistic Pokemon guy, but we at DeviantArt knew him long before that. Joining the community as a young artist over a decade ago and evolving into the dynamically talented concept and character artist we now see, his dedication to the community hasn't wavered. He continues to support and nurture others through his tutorials, art books and constructive commentary. His community success story and kindred spirit make him a most worthy recipient of Deviousness for March 2020.
Awarded Mar 2020

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excuse me sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you do requests or point commissions?

bruh you gotta make a realistic version of the Alangasaurus from Jurassic World The Game

Hey! I'm your absolute fan! You're my #1 role model and I've seen your art since I was a literal child.

I don't wanna advertise my art but I really wanted to show you my art which was inspired by you.


This is my best artwork till now thanks to you.

It would be my dream come true if you've anything to say about it. 🥺🙏

Janice Lee Boynton's 25th Birthday is coming on July 9th, 2023! Are you happy now?

Janice's 25th Birthday gift art Ideas 4 days ago

NOTE: Bravo! It's 17 Years ago on Deviantart with an epic Nostalgia!

Mighty Impressive work, BRAVO!

Absolutely love your art! You have LITERALLY been the reason i love pokemon and monsters since i was a child. I can safely say you were my childhood hero. I don't think i could be the man i am today without your art. Thank you for being awesome.

so many WATCHERS what the HECK

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