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Well.  Sam is 10 months and 3 weeks old.  Molly had to be put down in December.  Her cancer had gotten too bad for her.  We miss her very much.  We paid off the house, so now the land and the house are ours!  Mom has been diagnosed with kidney disease and lupus plus a few other illnesses, but she is still working and taking it very well.

I got a few new toys!  :)  I got a Canon Rebel T6, portable printer, and a very nice computer.  12 gigs of DDr5 ram and a new Wacom tablet.  I hope to be able to start putting some new stuff up soon.  Have a trip planned for the beach with weekend.  Matt can't go but we are planning a trip to Kentucky later on this year and to the renaissance faire.  Depending on what his work has him doing, we are playing it by ear.  Noel is doing good, being a butt in this hot weather and hope to be getting a few new horses later on this year when it cools down and I can really know what I'm looking at.  Heat tends to make wild ones a little docile. 

Alrighty, I've checked in.  Take care. 
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