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Well, its official.  Its a boy!  I go tomorrow for the full 4d/3d ultrasound.  Baby is big.  He's already about 9 inches and almost a pound.  He loves to torture my ribs.  Got to go home for a few days for a family reunion and baby shower.  Other half wants to move to Kentucky, he fell in love with t.  

Had a wonderful trip.  Spent a few hours at Carter Caves.  Wanted to go to Greenbo but the rain didn't allow it.  Came home yesterday and got stuck in traffic for 2 hours...ugh.  

Molly, the horse, is doing a little better. She does not have Cushings disease.  She has gained about 40 pounds the last month and a half.  Hopefully she will be ok.  She is to be my son's horse.  Noel needs to be rebroke, so once I get back to being able to ride  plan on turning her into a show horse. 

Hopefully starting next month we can start house hunting.  I'm so ready to get out of the apartment and onto my own land.  Will hopefully be able to post pics from the U/S tomorrow.
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:clap: Yay!  Congrats!  (well, boy OR girl, it's still congratulations! :D )

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lol.  i'm happy its a boy.  Didn't really care, as long as its healthy, but really wanted a boy.  Hubby didn't want Lindsay being a middle name so we compromised lol.  Its on both sides of the family, 5 generations, so I had to make sure to add it