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Sun Apr 29, 2018, 5:41 AM
Yo soy dominicano xD
Sun Oct 15, 2017, 10:25 AM
Es que soy española x3
Fri Oct 13, 2017, 8:35 AM
No sabia que hablabas español :0
Thu Oct 12, 2017, 6:16 PM
Thanks hun! nvn
Thu Jun 22, 2017, 1:53 PM


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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 13, 2017, 9:48 AM

Update 3:

It's really frustrating for me having to update this journal, but I'm still getting harassed even if the commissioner said it had been settled. There's another journal about me not only calling me a scammer, but also transphobic for the fact that I didn't know my commissioner's correct pronouns. I'm really sorry I misgendered them, it really wasn't my intention but I usually use a translator to speak English since it is not my mother tongue. Calling me a scammer it's terrible for me as an artist because I did finish the commission and I did show it to the commissioner. As I said, I refused to fix the mistake for free since I was provided an unclear reference. I also have been blocked by them so I can't really explain everything to them. This is really damaging for me since I did not intend to harm anyone yet these people think I do.

I really want to clear everything up because this is damaging my reputation, it is the least I can do. Ignoring this kind of problem will not solve anything.


Hello guys. I have decided to make an update on the issue because it is still ongoing and negatively affecting me in many different ways. I’m going to explain the issue again because it seems that people don’t really understand it nor my position in it. This person (AppleFoxes) commissioned me and I was given these references: 
[C] AppleFoxes by Gagiass1545

However, this one:

caught my attention. I saw the character’s breast and the feminine face and I, like anyone else would have done, assumed it was a girl. For my surprise, when I finished the commission and showed it to the customer, they told me their character was a boy and wanted me to fix the breast:

 They blamed me for not paying attention to the references, when one of them clearly had breast, and since it wasn’t a big one, I assumed the other artists would have interpreted it as a small one. Regardless of the breast, the character looked very feminine to me. However, the commissioner told me they hadn’t even noticed that in one of the references, their character had breasts (Then I really don’t understand why they noticed the breast in my drawing). The issue is that it isn’t my fault if the commissioner provides an unclear reference. I drew what I saw. If it was my fault I would definitely fix the mistake for free, but since it wasn’t, I wouldn’t, and apparently asking for money for fixing something that was not my mistake, makes me a scammer. This made the commissioner upset and made a journal calling me out and even a video completely defaming me, which is supposed to be a “review” when it is only a rant in a very rude manner. This is, of course, damaging me very much, since commissions are my main income. Many people don’t understand that if I was given an unclear reference, I hold no responsibility on it but the commissioner. They have been very arrogant and manipulative; they have even had people editing my drawing without my consent, which is very disrespectful:

They have been blocking anyone who tried to explain the situation and deleting those comments from their call out journal. As I said, this is totally damaging me and my reputation, which is very unfair considering they’re the very first commissioner that has complained about my service, for a mistake that was commited by them. I really don’t know what to do since I have also been blocked and they refuse to take down the call out journal and the video. If there’s something I can do, I would appreciate if you guys please told me.
Thank you so much for your time.

I would be grateful if you could report her video for defaming me.


Hello dears! watchers and people who are reading this right now.

I have been forced to have to do this public situation to avoid future misunderstandings about this. It turns out that a client has done a review about me and my commissions, (review that I do not purdo understand since I am not English therefore I do not understand to hear good English) but taking into account what happened and what has written in the journal I get an idea of ​​the things that are slandering me.

Below this I will leave the captures where you can see the conversation.

What happened is the following this client came to me with a request for bigpixelart, with three references where in one of them you can appreciate that she has breasts, and another seems also a woman, so I had already gone to start her order with the clear idea that the character was female (she did not at any time told me otherwise) Then he finished and she commented that the character was a man, why he had breasts. I replied that it was because she had given me references where she could see that she had breasts and was a woman. She told me that she had not noticed the breasts of that reference, and that there was a genderbend in one of the references and she gave me excuses that it was that the artist who did it only drew women and more, I was thinking good has not been my fault or my mistake if you gave me wrong references. I told him that I would fix it but that the cost would cost him money and that it is extra work and I was not to blame since I had not been given a clear description.

THEN she accused me of defrauding her and threatened me to start telling people not to order me, I did not draw men and that is FALSE FULL.

Even made a journal and a video defaming about me, which is completely out of place.

I have done this journal to defend myself and to warn other artists of the barbaric behavior of this user. Because it looked like he wanted to do it intentionally and get two pieces free.


Hola queridos watchers y personas que están leyendo esto en este momento.
Me he visto obligada a tener que hacer esta situación publica para evitar futuros malentendidos respecto a esto.

Resulta que una clienta ha hecho una ''review'' sobre mi y mis comisiones, (review que no purdo entender ya que no soy inglesa por lo tanto no entiendo a oidas bien el inglés) pero teniendo en cuenta lo sucedido y lo que ha escrito en el journal me hago una idea de las cosas que está difamando de mi.

Debajo de esto os dejaré las capturas donde podéis ver laa conversación.

Lo que pasó es lo siguiente esta clienta me llegó con un pedido de bigpixelart, con tres referencias donde en una de ellas podéis apreciar que tiene pechos, y otra parece también una mujer, por lo tanto ya me había ido a empezar su pedido con la clara idea de que el personaje era mujer (ella tampoco en ningún momento me dijo lo contrario)
Entonces acabé y comentó que el personaje era hombre, que porqué tenía pechos. Le respondí que era porque me había dado unas referencias donde se veía que tenía pechos y era mujer. Me dijo que no se había percatado de los pechos de esa referencia, y que había un genderbend en una de las referencias y me dio excusas de que era que la artista que lo hizo solo dibujaba mujeres y más, yo era pensando bueno no ha sido culpa mia ni equivocación mia si me has dado referencias equivocadas. Le dije que se lo arreglaría pero que el arreglo le iba a costar dinero ya que es trabajo extra y no tuve culpa ya que no se me había proporcionado una descripción clara.
ENTONCES ella me acuso de estafarla y me amenazó de empezar a decirle a la gente que no me hiciera pedidos, que no dibujo hombres y eso es COMPLETAMENTE FALSO.

Incluso a hecho un journal y un vídeo difamando sobre mi, cosa que está completamente fuera de lugar.

He hecho este journal para defenderme y advertir a otros artistas del comportamiento tan bárbaro de esta usuaria. Porque parecía que quería hacerlo intencionadamente y conseguir dos piezas gratis.

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Hi dears! I need money to made merchandasing! 

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