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lying figure

By arumise
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I was just sketching a random Silent Hill monster, and I decided to color it :D


Copic marker, 45-ish minutes
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I like the oily sheen that you gave its skin. It makes it look unpleasantly slimy.
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That looks so dirty/awesome. Love the coloring
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Very awesome looking Lying figure!
Great job on the texture and feel of the creature!
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AMAZING! I love the texture in this...
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Your style is so amazing
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wow! a penis with legs - why haven't I played SH yet? :lol:

sorry *is feeling immature*
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That's what I see too
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haha :lol:
Play Silent Hill naow! It's a wonderful series :heart: I highly recommend 2 + 3 =P
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my "to play" list is increasing exponentially :o
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Thank god I'm not the only person who thinks this is extremely phallic.

And also extremely awesome.

Great work man, the level of grotesque in this is beyond imagine.
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Yessss phallic imagery :love: Gotta love the Silent Hill monsters.
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I don't think I've ever seen anything gruesome done with markers before. Looks sick! Well done! XD
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Wicked job, looks exactly like it. I'm glad I'm not the only one taken back by its "backside," lol. First time I saw one, I was like, "Is ass? LMAO!" Then it attacked, and it wasn't so funny anymore. XD Those things pack some mondo punch!
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Very delicious buttocks. <3
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Its a penis monster that came too many times and now bloods comeing out.... ewwww
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that sounds delightful :heart: :giggle:
Qxqx4's avatar
yes it dose sound delightful :iconhurrhurrplz:
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