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i've maybe only had like, a couple of my works reposted onto tumblr, one being an old-ass drawing that was pre-tumblr days (unsourced but whatever idc) and another that sourced back to my pixiv, i'd probably like to make it clear that i prefer my stuff not being reposted to my tumblr.
reason being i very clearly already have a tumblr where i post my finished works, and including stuff i don't post here! (mostly doodles)
while even sourcing back is appreciated, it'd be a lot cooler if i could just have my original tumblr posts reblogged instead.
if you see something here (or anywhere else, really) that you'd like to reblog, please ask me for the original tumblr post it was on, so i can give it to you so you can reblog it from there!

regarding stuff like tracing or referencing, i don't particularly mind it, especially if it's just fanart, but i do ask that you please let me know before hand, especially if it seems like really personal work. really, you should ask anyone before making heavily referenced works. i also ask that credit be given where it's due, and maybe show me when you're done? i might be interested!
i also would like to ask that anything that is heavily referenced from my stuff not be sold or printed, except for purely personal use (i.e. don't sell prints of referenced works, but if you wanna make it into a lil personal keychain just for yourself, then go right ahead!)

and then, inspirational works, are whatever, because really everyone forms their own stuff based on what they absorb from their surroundings and any other media they view
though if i have inspired a work of yours, it'd be pretty cool if you wanted to show me!

look at this cool thing deviantart can let me do now
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