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Chalk Outline

By ArucardPL
My interpretation of Three Days Grace's "Chalk Outline" Song.

'You left me here like a chalk outline
On the sidewalk waiting for the rain
To wash away
(Wash away)
You keep coming back to the scene of the crime
But the dead can't speak and there's nothing left to say anyway
All you left behind
Is a chalk outline'
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You did a beautiful job!
As a fan of Three Days Grace (and an even bigger fanatic of this song) I love how you made everything come into detail just by using the lyrics of the song.
You got every detail come out beautifully, from the blood stains in the chalk outline, to the very shadows and the light appearing from the end of the tunnel.
My favorite though, is that you can tell, even though you can't see the womans' face, you can see her coldness and apathy as she leaves the 'scene of the crime'.
Everything is brilliant, keep up the good work!
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Three Days Grace, nice!
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all you left beeehhiind is a chalk out line! (cue end guitar)
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wow! amazing work! love the song! :squee: 
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This is beyond amazing!!
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This is beautiful! I have to say that this needs a Nobel prize for the best drawing inspirated on three days grace lovely!!
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i honestly cant get over how perfect this is.
great job.
im listening this music now, thank you
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i love love love this sonng and this pic lol.(x
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I love this song, you did a great job! :iconyaayplz:
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This is pretty awesome.
And I don't even know that song.
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Bardzo piekni obraz!
Bardzo dobrze!
Nie muvim dobrze po polsku, zalovam..
Your drawing in black and white is really original with amazing contrasts , shades and the little lady is very interesting with her long and beautiful hair!
Do zobaczenja from Paris!
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As soon as I saw this picture, "Chalk Outline" started playing in my head. Lol
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Yes indeed. Don't feel sad. Sometimes someone left from our life, meaning another one who is better would be our partner, isn't it?
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Awesomeness!! :horns:
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This is like the perfect picture for it :la: I love the dark look of it x3
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