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The Arrival of Spring

"The Arrival of Spring" (Lily of the Valley) -- mixed media (traditional/digital) ballpoint pen line art colored in Corel Painter on Intuos3

This is my first participating piece to the Enchanted Visions Project. I'm hoping that my participation in this project will keep me motivated (There are deadlines. ^^; ) to draw/paint more regularly. :D

This is also a kiriban prize going to :iconlexicon2008: for, I believe, catching 44,444. (I'm behind.) Next flower girl piece will be Pansies (also a gift/request).

I haven't given this little girl a name, but she's a little elf as you can tell from her pointy ears. Her elf mother wants to doll her up, but I think she's more of a tomboy and all her clothes get shredded sooner or later. And her golden curls grow in every direction and it's impossible to give her a "neat" hair-do. She's drinking morning dew she collected into the lily of the valley flower. She's up early adventuring, and it's still misty and dewy (all sparkly! :love: ). She looks like a type to put a harness on a squirrel or a rabbit and tries to ride it or tie strings to the legs of a bunch of dragonflies to use them like balloons... :XD:

I love her pudgy toes. :heart:

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from all of your stunning works here, this one is my fav! not to mention that it's green! ^^
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Thank you for saying that! This one gets relatively little love compared to my other pieces, so it makes me happy to hear you say that. :heart: ^^
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he? really? this one is really delicate in coloring and lineart, hmm..I've decided. I'll help you!
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:wave: Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I featured your wonderful work in my latest journal entry, I hope you don't mind :aww: - [link]
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Awwww, you're so sweet! Thank you!!! What a lovely surprise to wake up to! :huggle:
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So Beautiful and Cute *o*
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Thank you so much! :flirty:
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I'm amazed at how beautifully you color your ballpoint works! Stunning work!
aruarian-dancer's avatar
Thank you so much! ^_^
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*ggggasp!* Lordy! I did not expect this! :faint:
JUST SO ASTOUNDING! ...I think my brain momentarily passed out...

Hehe, that aside, I can't beeelieve the detailing in this piece! You certainly have a knack for drawing nature and the like, and your wonderful elf is SO CUTE! :aww::giggle: Name her! :heart:
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Thaaaank yoooou! :huggle:

Speaking of the name, I'm leaning toward Saskia and thinking of calling her by the nickname, Kia (like the Korean car maker lol).

I'm working on a sketch of her flying in the sky with the help of 6 dragonflies(:XD: Oh, the details this one calls for... once again!).
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This is absolutely gorgeous:love:!
She looks so absolutely sweet, makes me want to hug her:hug:~
I've missed your works soo much:XD:!
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Thank you so much. :huggle:
I'm working on a base drawing of another image of her right now. ^_^
Khoust's avatar
Oohh, that's lovely:heart:!
Definitely looking forward to it:hug:~
aruarian-dancer's avatar
Might take a while since it's got 6 dragonflies in it. :XD: I could really use a realistic model of a dragonfly I can look at from all directions right now. ^^;

But thanks!!
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You're welcome:heart:!
I just saw the finished piece in my messagebox:ohnoes:, it looks absolutely wonderful:love:!
aruarian-dancer's avatar
Thank you!! ^^ It has a lot of detail work, but thumbnail version looks kinda "yuck" I thought. lol :XD:
Khoust's avatar
Not at all ><!
I could see most of it from the thumbnail:nod:!
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so adorable :) i've missed ur work lol glad ur back
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Thank you. ^_^ I'm glad I managed to do a doodle/painting finally! :huggle:
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