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"Miyabi - Kaguya Hime in Moonlight" -- The 5th in my series based on the ancient Japanese tale of "Taketori Monogatari".

This is a gift to :iconzaradei: for winning the Best of Show in the RED Contest 2009. My apologies for taking three weeks to get your prize gift done. ^^ I hope you like it.

Miyabi is a Japanese word that means "grace, elegance, and refinement" in old-fashioned opulence. I thought it fits this image well, and I certainly was not going to title my piece "Kaguya Hime #5".

Over 10 hours total in Corel Painter, using Intuos 3 tablet (I know it would go faster if I just put in texture that I find somewhere, but where's the fun in that?). The Japanese floral textile design pattern in the foreground took the longest. Full view highly recommended to view all the details in textiles since this image does not shrink well at all.

©Aruarian Dancer

And if there's anyone masochistic enough to want to attempt coloring your own, here's the line art.

Miyabiって書くのと、雅 じゃ まったく雰囲気が違います。 
もちろん この絵のタイトルとしては、漢字の『雅』に決まってますが、そう書くと読めない人が多過ぎますし、いちいち説明するのもなんだか面倒な気がしますし・・・という訳で、英語のMiyabiとなりましたが、私自身としては 気に入ってません。
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Thank you so much.  ^_^
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so beautiful picture Heart

what colours do you use? It is not air brush, isn't it?

only have shared drawings with pencils/crayons... once made aquarells (with crayons that can become aquarell when the paper is covered with watered paint brush), once made some with oil colours... not very happy with them Grr.  In a hospital made two with acrylic colours (landscapes, which i gave to my mom as present, and begged her to take a photo [they are too big for a scanner], but she has forgotten it :(  ) About air brush, never tried it, also never tried computer programs to colour pictures
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This was painted free-hand in a digital program called Corel Painter, using a large 9 x 12 inches digital drawing tablet called Wacom Intuos 3.  Colors are applied in multiple layers, using mostly "soft charcoal" tool.
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This kinda reminds me of Glass Mask, one of my fav animeee!! ^^
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did you make the patterns here alone? D: they're awesome and i love the details :D
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Yes, I did and thank you. I love doing this kind of stuff. ^^
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Whoooaaa~! Absolutely beautiful~!
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Thank you for giving some :heart: to this piece. ^^
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your welcome :)
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This is beautiful! And not that it's important, but I have a friend whose's cousin's name is Miyabi :)
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Thanks. Hey, it's a great name. ^^
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O_O :faint: now that really is amazing. :wow: i take one of my many hats off to you. i have a collection. 8D
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This is absolutely lovely!
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Thank you very much.
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I absolutely love all those reds. And the white outline on her makes it seem even more ghostly. I don't even know where to start with the designs. I'm in awe. Especially how everything looks like real fabric. To be honest, I think it might be my favorite of yours to date. There are so many though lol But something about this one just grabs me.

Also apologies again for the late comment orz
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Thank you so much!! :love:

I'm glad you think this might be your favorite of mine. ^^ I did try some new ideas/approaches and played with more line drawing layers than ever before to kind of "push" for something different from my usual stuff. To be honest, at one point, I was kind of worried if I was going to be able to pull all the elements together... lol
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