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Crimson Wings

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"Crimson Wings" -- line art in pen scanned and colored in Corel Painter using Intuos 3 tablet

This is another one of the fantasy pieces for the Enchanted Visions Project. "Crimson Wings" is the theme for the month of October 2010. This is my 8th piece for the project and probably the brightest and most "over the top" to date. lol That's what you can expect with red (and so much yellow) in the picture. ^_^

I tend to like drawing aloof fantasy beings that are almost transparent, but this one has such presence (Can't be helped when she's looking directly at you. lol) that's goddess like. So anyway, it felt different from usual and that may be why it took me so long to finish, too.

Sari was fun to draw and fun to paint and put details into. I especially enjoyed the leaf pattern on the skirt. You probably can't see it even at large size view the thread-like details that are there when you see it at the original file size. I recently got myself a new, larger monitor, so that explains my going overly enthusiastic with the details on this piece. Also because of the color scheme, the energy of the piece is almost overwhelming. (Seriously, how long can one stare at all that red and yellow backlit and glowing as on a computer monitor... I'd imagine the actual print version of this piece would look a lot better color-wise.) My next piece will be much more sadate and calm, I'm sure.

I am glad, though, to have painted an Indian fairy, which I think is unusual and unique, and undoubtedly beautiful. I've always adored Indian textile and sari -- a garment that accentuates the natural beauty of female form with graceful simplicity. I've made so many dresses out of Indian fabrics for casual wear. ^_^

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Thank you so much. :D
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:3 you are very welcome! Aww your draws are really fantastic! :heart:
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What a lovely piece! This picture has been added to the "Illustrated Faeries" folder in my group "Fairy Doors and More," [link] an artisan-crafts group with a fairy theme. I hope you will come on over and if you are not already a member I invite you to join and submit more of your lovely work!
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I think you have this piece confused with some other piece by someone else. I never received any notice from dA of a request that mentioned this. ^^;
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I love the colors, theme, and the details are so gorgeous!
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Thank you so much. :heart:
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oh my gosh, this is amazing
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The Colors OO
The forms that picture is so wonderful *.*
I very like it *.*
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Thank you so much! :D
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Oh you're very welcom ^^
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Exquisite work....I especially adore the color...:)
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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You're welcome...I think it's gorgeous!
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Wow, and I thought your ballpoint version was amazing. This one, however, is just phenomenal. :clap:
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She looks so gorgeous:heart:!
I love the colors you used for this piece, and the bottom of the dress somehow reminds me of the Greek goddesses :XD:!
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