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What Lurks Beneath- 2.22

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behold, the greatest page i've ever drawn and ever will draw.
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wait i don't get it. why are these cats worshipping g a hermit crab.

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We're in the same boat buddy

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Wait...🤔they are respecting a hermit crab?

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Munch munch munch 0-0 I see ur busy

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Stares into soul **

XxSoullessSpiritxX's avatar

I have been summoned.

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Hello, Spirit. Do you know these 3 cats: Noir, WillowKit, and Jelly? Noir is.... well... noir (noir means black) and is fully aged and is hopefully resting peacefully. Willowkit and Jelly were both still kits when they died. Willowkit is also black, but has a upside down white triangle on her chest. Jelly is brown with darker stripes and spots.

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in the fourth panel trout‘s face reminds me of the polite cat face meme

Shes so cute omg


M. U. N. C. H.

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I love the crab... it made me surprised and amused. It was also really cute! Great work so far, ArualMeow!

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So.... they all worship a hermit crab?

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OwO i love it. 

thought the tide was an actually tide and he was gonna toss the mango into the ocean

it's a crab

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