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TR Family tree remake (Spoilers)

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Published: October 21, 2017
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original neater version-…
I did make a few changes to it, nothing important though.

.:ThunderClan rank history:.
(Leader) / (Deputy) / (Medicine cat)
Icestar / Treepelt / Cheetahfur
Icestar / Brighteyes / Leaftail 
Brightstar / Greyfur / Leaftail
Brightstar / Stormbringer / Leaftail 
Brightstar / Bearfeet / Leaftail

My friend :icontacobellabae: Made these awesome headshots…
And gave me permission to make a new family tree with them. Rad :D

This came out messier than I meant for it to, because I accidently saved the file after I merged all the layer, fucking rip.
And i didn't leave much room for names, oops.
But here it is! It was fun to make! And It's really really really big. Have fun if you download it lol. 
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Oof, what happened to Cloud’s and Night’s parents, and to Mousepaw? Did they die?
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Every character with a black circle behind them is deceased. I don't have definite deaths for any of them, Mousepaw probably died in battle, Softwing probably died giving birth, and Starlingnose probably died defending the nursery in a battle. 
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cake133 Artist
Wait rain and decsy are siblings?
M-a-n-x's avatar
OH!! MY!!  GOD!! 
Storm lichen and silver are poly? i stan them sm 
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kittyrules2003Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh! I saw @/Dreaming-Roses remake this page! I thought it seemed familiar haha
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AlphaDogg777Student Filmographer
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NamirithecheepardHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Aru! Now I know that Swampfur was Mudstripe's dad, Rosi is Rainstone's mom, and oh would you look at that! More spoilers! Thank so much Aru! >:3
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oh lord ringtail is leaftail's uncle O.O
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Sunburn-the-HybridHobbyist Digital Artist
wait hec you're right
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So Mudstripe's father, Swampfur, who also killed Foxpaw. Irony much. If I'm not mistaken he's also a part of the Riverclan Cult, so that will definitely be interesting if that's explored. 
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KeznenHobbyist General Artist
He is also Foxpaw's grandfather, which makes it even more disturbing.
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Ashlier1313Student Digital Artist
I don’t get the Silvertooth, Lichentuft and Stormbringer thingy but now I’m more mad at Swampfur. Everybody is related to everyone!
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I’m assuming Silver and Storm were in the real relationship, and they wanted kits, so Lichen agreed to be the surrogate? Not sure.
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Swag-MoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Storm, Lichen, and Silver were in a polymaurous relationship.
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Wolfsummoner295Hobbyist General Artist
oh god ringtail is technically leaftails uncle
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NikkydogHobbyist Filmographer
i just realized how lonely mudstripe was. 
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Nightpelt and Leaftail are related. I can imagine...
Nightpelt: Hey, aunt Leaftail, can I-
Nightpelt: Sorry, Aunt Leaf.
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Wait is Brightstar ever gonna find out in the comic Rainstone is her brother's daughter-

Maplestar77's avatar
A U N T  B R I G H T S T A R
Nightmarepaw678's avatar
Nightmarepaw678's avatar
Rainstone: Aunt Brightstar, can I join your hunting patrol?

Brightstar: Of course!


Rainstone:*climbing a tree after a bird*:D

Brightstar: BE CAREFUL-
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