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BJD - Snow Queen


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BJD - Snow Queen


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The flames in the darkness (Egro Proxy)

My cosplay

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Kou Yagami - New game

My artwork 20017-2018

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Ukrainian wedding

My original photoshoot

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BJD - Snow Queen

Dolls photoshoot

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Conspiracies with dreams -  Twilight butterfly

My artwork 2008-2016

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Conspiracies with dreams 1 - English version


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Costume bespoke - Janna corset (League of Legends)

Commition cosplay

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A Cry of Reason

I look in the mirror, when sun goes away. My sorrow consumes me, my soul should escape. Awakening has come as an earthquake for me, It leads me to edge , I'm not blind, I can't flee. When sorrow consumes me, I'll leave them behind: These insane ideas of my broken mind. This cross will forever hang over my soul I just want to hide in a dark distant hole. I break my old mirror and sink in the night, Thus trying to hide my delirious mind. I close my sad eyes to get lost in a dream... A cry of my reason will not set me free. Author - Olga Migel Editor - Olga Tomazenko


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