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Book - Chapter one teaser by ArtyThePuppeteer, literature

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Book - Chapter one teaser by ArtyThePuppeteer, literature

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My Bio
Hello, :iconartythepuppeteer: here.

I know that normally you introduce yourself when you first meet someone. But, since I got a mother who by all means think I can’t handle the world on my own, thought I am 21, I can’t tell me actual name, some of you might know it thought. Therefor you can call me Artemis, or Arty, since it has been my nickname for the past time period of 8 years.

This nickname ended up settling after a fangirling that have been going on for the same amount of years. Centred on Eoin Colfer’s amazing science-fantasy novel series “Artemis Fowl”. I’ve got all the eight books in English and are waiting for the last in Norwegian. Most of my friends, either they have read the books or not, says I am very similar to Artemis, and who am I to complain?

As you might understood I am Norwegian, so my English grammaticism may lack somewhat, due to a case of Dyslexia and Asbergers Syndrome, but I do my best.

I love reading. I am a classic example on a Book-Worm. I eat books (not literary of course). My book shelf is mostly filled with fantasy, suspense, action, crime and science-fiction, and it looks more like a library than a room belonging to a 21 years old.

Some friends of mine: (at least from my view)
:iconserolupus: :iconsnakequeen-in-norway: :iconsilyah246: :iconkaptin-kudzu: :iconlily-draws: :iconk-a-karma: :iconwolfjmk:
:iconlegacyhunter: :iconkokoroyomi: :iconiesnoth: :iconlucdandelion: :iconruugan:

I write, and have ambitions to become an actor or author, or both if I can. I've been writting for the past seven years, mostly in the genders of Fantasy. I do fanfic, mostly for the Artemis Fowl fandom and in the genre of Tragedy. If you want check out my FanFic.Net account:…

You say Twilight
I say Artemis Fowl
You say Sparkly Vampires
I say High-tech Fairies
You say Team Edward
I say Team Arty (I got a team? Nice :3)
You think Robert Pattison is hot
I say Artemis Fowl is HOTTER
You think Bella and Edward are the perfect couple?
I think that’s Holly and Artemis
You say Cullen

For now I think that is all.

From :iconartythepuppeteer:

Favourite Movies
Lord of the Flies - Frozen - Rise of the Guardians
Favourite TV Shows
Sherlock /Merlin / Being Human (UK) / Supernatural
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
To many to list XP
Favourite Books
Lord of the Flies- AF series - Hunger Games trilogy - HP series - Legend/Prodigy
Favourite Writers
Eoin Colfer, William Golding,
Other Interests
Writing, ROLEPLAYING, singing, reading, cosplaying

Desucon 9

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So, Desucon 9 is this summer, and now its a whooping 3 days, which means one more cosplay, yeeey. So this year I have for once decided to cosplay a female character, from a game I love but will never play myself: Tess from "The Last of Us". I love her as a character she is just the type of I can handle it myself-lady I like in action, survival stuff. So the second day I'll do adult Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II, I have done him before but its just such a joy to act like him X3 also got a Ciel so it'll be amusing to say at least. Finally for the last day I'll do my Aduly-Kenny from South Park, which I am really looking forward to. also
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So after Frozen and other adaptions of H. C. Andersens The Snow Queen came out in recent years, and since I love the original fairytale, I have decided to write a remake of the story, and do my own little twist on character, plot and such. it will still be old times-ish. I have also made the characters, (main cast) in new dollmaker "Snow Queen" and I will post them once I have started writing the story which I will post here. so yeah, that's all. ~ArtyThePuppeteer (
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Kenny Cosplay?

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So, after having watched Peeeeeeeewdiepie playing South Park: The Stick of Truth, I have started to love Kenny, I have never fancied the show, because of its offensive nature, but Kenny is just so adorable I don't care anymore x3 So, obviously I will have to do a young adult version of Kenny, but as long as I get a orange hoodie I should be good to go, right? Well, I realized I am making a journal only because of a lousy cosplay, better tell some other stuff I am addicted to LORD OF THE FLIES!!! I love the 1990 movie and well, I adore Jack, yes, yes bad guy I know, but that makes me like him even more, I actually RP as him, because I can.
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Thanks. also I'm not on this account anymore. click on my avatar to find my new account xP

Hope you have a great day!

Hope you have a great day!
I did. thought I'm not on this account anymore.
hello all! want to create a fairy tale character?maybe the child or relative of a famous one, such as the daughter of cinderella? Want to meet new people and cause mischief with your characters? Want to learn how to RP in a friendly enviornment? 
then come and join~
No co-founders yet but im always looking! 
Note me if you have questions or concerns ^^

((hi arty, sorry for bothering you with this. but i just want to let people know about this group. dont worry if it doesnt interest you i just thought itd be fun ^^ have a great day!
=Fight alongside you
=Respect you
=Involve you
=Encourage you
= Deserve you
=Save you

You don't have to forward this but I do want you to know that you are my friend and that means the world to me.