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Team Sun 2017 Stamp / Badge

By artyfight
Artfight Icon mini Artist: Sanguynn -

Artfight Icon mini Theme: Sun

Artfight Icon mini Year: Art Fight 2017 (on

You can use this on your Art Fight page, or DeviantART page! Please give credit back here. 
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© 2018 - 2021 artyfight
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Gonna use this! I participated in this one so :3

Rosepuff-Art's avatar

Using, these are all so well made <3

TurtleMuffin's avatar
I'd like to use this on my artfight profile but I'm having trouble finding a proper png link to use
8-bitpuppy's avatar
right click the image and select "copy image location"!!!!!!  then just paste it wherever you want
Kiy0nTao's avatar
Kohev-murk's avatar
So sadly i'm haven't participation in 2018 artfight, but that was very fun to be an team sun member in 2017.
Praise the sun! :D
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CitySpacer's avatar
Surprised I haven't seen a 'praise the sun' comment on here.
PRAISE THE SUN! If only I could be so grossly incandescent! \[T]/
DeerQueen93's avatar
My first year!
Is it OK to print off to put with the pieces I printed from last year?
TheLavaWolf's avatar
AAA this is lovely!
RuetheFox's avatar
does it have a code?
cupacawfee's avatar
ctrl + f > thumb.
Copy paste that text anywhere on DA c:
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Team Sun Represent!
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