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Art Fight 2020 Spice Template

Use this template however you like! 
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Filled it out and all but it just shows me a tiny default image icon when i try to put it in my artfight profile. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I click "insert an image" and link it to this, but the broken picture icon is all i get for my troubles.

Team Spice Card
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Figured it out. Had to right click the picture and select "copy image address", then paste THAT into the url slot, rather than the submission's url that appears in the search bar.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who was having trouble with it. Surely can't have just been me. Right? :O_o:

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Thanks a million!

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How do I use it with a chromebook?

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That works ^.^

Artfight Lineup1
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Used and graffiti'd on, thank you!

Got a License To ArtFight!
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thanks so much!!! i used it, ill credit u on my desc!

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Used, thank you very much!

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Used, thank u!!

Fight Me!
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What's a worm character?

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A worm on a string. Last year some person made a giant drawing of worm on a string characters.

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