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Monday Mandala WIP - 2021 May 10


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Monday Mandala WIP - 2021 May 10


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Funky Fish

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Daisy Collab 2


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Kilpeck Sketch 21 July 09

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Stanton Drew 1


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Blues and Silver Pendant 1


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A lil green and gold 1

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Railway map 2009

Fun and Games

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Fairy for Helen 1

Fantasy art

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Jenny Herlyn

Himlyns and Herlyns

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One day a himlyn called Matthew Went out for a walk with his dog. He decided to ride his bike, Instead of going for a jog. He tied the dog firmly To the shiny handlebars. And put his feet to the pedals Pretending to cycle to Mars. Everything was going just fine Until a cute lil moggy ran by The doggy gave great chase And pulled the bike awry. To the ground he was cruelly thrown As the doggy chased that darn cat. A loud CRACK! was heard As his femur went SPLAT! Next time he needs to walk the dog, A dinosaur he should ride So that flea-bitten mutt Won't be able to throw him to his side!


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Wedding mosaics

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Portraits and Life Drawing

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WIP 16 Aug 2010


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