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Change Your Thoughts...

By Artwyrd
A little less than A6 in size.
UniPin pens, coloured pencils.
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LiDE 20
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Wow, those designs are incredible!
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This is my favourite border - the shapes and colours work so well as a border.
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This is excellent!  You should sell these on cards, bumper stickers and place mats!  :D
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I'm glad you like :)
Maybe I'll create prints etc of them ...
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I love all of these little sayings and the designs on them are beautiful as well!  :D
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Thanks Pam, I'm glad you like them :)
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I like how you shade your shapes so that it gets lighter or darker as if it's sticking up and out :)
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I like to play with light and shade, it's something that's always appeared in my artwork...I'm glad you like it :thanks:
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do you shade with the color pencils rather than the pens, or it makes not much difference?
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I like to use the coloured pencils to add shadow and light, I use pens to add the overlying texture as well as the structural lines.  I start off with the outlines, then add colour, then add the textural lines/patterns and last of all are any metallic highlights.
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I need to go to the stationary and get stuff! metallic highlights sound interesting :) 
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Metallic highlights are fun!  I have an inner raven that loves a bit of sparkle, though i can get carried away if I'm not careful Sparkling Smile
nerrinb's avatar
every girl likes a little sparkle and glitter ;)
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Yes, indeed, I think so ;)  Not a touch of sparkle or glitter in my latest mandalas - it doesn't scan/photograph well Huh??
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