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\Hello everyone, this is your Founder here

Many of you know the frustration of having your deviation go unheeded, or unaccepted. I am looking to change this.
I will be looking for new staff members to keep this group active, I cannot do it on my own.

There are a few rules, however
1.) On at least 3 times a week
2.) Request at least 50 pieces of art to the group per week (negotiable, this is just a baseline, really I do not expect you to spend hours requesting work, that is my job. Just make an effort is all I ask.
3.) You are friendly!
4.) You understand the folder groups and keep them in order!

That is all. If you are interested, please leave a comment or note the group.

Thank you,
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Don't even try, girl. by FandomFoodie
Hang on by FandomFoodie
Conglomerate PrincessI just found in passing that 2 #Sentai series #coproduced by #Marvel featured #QueenHeridan as a #bigbad. Since Marvel is owned by #Disney and was able to use Toei Spider-Man amidst that big crossover, I got to wondering... What other Monarchs fall under their umbrella? #QueensI know about #Ashleigh from #Scion.… Also #Crystal of the #Inhumans #royalfamily (but we don't talk about that) And #TigerLily from #FoxsPeterPanandthePirates. And #PrincessLeia. But who else have they purchased? Please post below. #Conglamerate #DisneyPrincess #ConglameratePrincess #QueenAcquisition #AcquirethePrincess And once they've all been assembled, could they have a given series of their own? Every #Cultclassic, #Expandedfranchise or #gobbledup #Princess, #Queen or #Sorceress pulled together in one project. Originally starting in a fan poll selected collection of acquisitions (No #Sorceress up front, Marvel can be no more than half the #roster, avoid #Lucasfilm like the plague, remember #TheMouse aversion to that #expandeduniverse, emphasize balance between #nostalgia and #obscurity) and then 6 #RoyalPrincesses (or such archetype) can be sent out across the #conglomiverse(tm) #KingdomHearts-Style. Who joins and who leaves is determined entirely by fan poll, and the degree of power a sorceress has determines which #spellcaster may join them. My pitch is that Queen Heridan is revived back into her #CyborgHeridan form, with aid from #Mirage and #GoblinPrincess. The 3 of them attempt to finish her #resurrection with a Macguffin, but they are stopped by #CaptainBritain #Kymri and her #Lockheed #Dragon. The Macguffin is scattered into 5 pieces, picked up by #PrincessAshleigh, #FoxTigerLily, #Crysta, #PrincessAnelle, & #PrincessofRuritinia #JudithRassendyll. They are pursued by #AmazonKiller, #Zaladane, #ScourgeandBeast. They are joined by Queen La in the body of #Jane. Intending much like #Hedrian to revive her own body, she transforms #TheBeast into a sentient #Tigerman and firmly turning the scales into their own favor. Each can hold only one piece, but now they're ready to return to #EvilQueen Hedrian, who must sacrifice princesses in the meantime to sustain her form between life and death. While unfinished projects, unreleased projects, pilots not picked up, source material, and public domain features could all be settings, obscurity being brought to the fore would be the proof of concept focus. Maybe some prior crossover material like #KingdomHearts and #MarvelVsCapcom could be applied, but I doubt it. They've let go of #Saban material like #PowerRangers (including THEIR princess). #Therea and #KingKorrek could make appearances, but not the focus. #FemaleGaze should repeatedly be a thing throughout, despite a #GirlSquad roster (not counting their #PrincessPets). The plot would be like #Sliders and #Exiles, but the feel would be a #spectrum between #FriendshipisMagic and #Animorphs. (Is there anything so #morallygrey and #tragic for children these days?) And by jumping around from place to place, who knows? They might even cross paths with a #Timedancer or two. Anyway, tell me below who you would like to see featured or appearing in such a project. Do you even recognize half of the names mentioned? Do I clearly have too much time on my hands?...

Mature Content

Portraits and Fashion
Damienek. Portrait sketch by ackelb
Everic. Portrait sketch by ackelb
Celina. Portrait sketch by ackelb
Kat Von Rose - Red Dusk by Kat-von-Rose
Artisan Crafts
Figurine de Paulina en Fimo 2 by LePtitSuisse1912
Petals by TiagoAleixo
[OC] Sweet In Your Memory by starli-i
Rose Tortoise by SweetSign
Photography- General
Radiant Twilight by ionWill
Winter Dream by ionWill
secrets of backstreets by ionWill
CONJUGIUM III [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
Animal Photography
Femelle Tarin des Aulnes by LePtitSuisse1912
Etourneau Sansonnet avec Moineaux by LePtitSuisse1912
Etourneau Sansonnet by LePtitSuisse1912
Floating Zombies by prettyflour
Cycnia Tenera by AdaEtahCinatas
Wasps by AdaEtahCinatas
RETICULUM III [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
[Fanart] Inside Of Every Demon Is A Rainbow by starli-i
Traditional Art
pariah by anxxii
Senua's Saga: Hellblade II by PatrisB
Work in progress (Senua) by PatrisB
Tempestdramon - A3 Painted Canvas by RasglowReborn
Digital Art
Commission by Asteltainn
Map 8: Abbey of St. Eos by OneOut
[Battler] Chevalier by GilgaPhoenixIgnis
City Skyline by Quantum-Artist
Macro Close Up
Iris Sunset by isischneider
Clothespin by isischneider
SINGULAR VI [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
Spiral Droplet by isischneider
LATEBRAE XVI [+ Selfmade Song] by DolphinByDefault
OBSCURUM XVII [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
ANGIPORTUS VIII [DolphinByDefault] by DolphinByDefault
Not so mellow yellow by prettyflour
Mixed Media
[Peacefull] Warm Slumber by GilgaPhoenixIgnis
Dark Future (2021) by Kiriya
cosplay | Saber Bride FATE /GRAND ORDER by ronaldoichi
Fan Art
Once Upon A Time: Josh Dallas by AgentE3


Urusei Yatsura 1.00 by PhotoPanda Urusei Yatsura 1.00 :iconphotopanda:PhotoPanda 5 1 3-D Fail by FandomFoodie 3-D Fail :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 3 8 Do Not Hit On Nel by FandomFoodie Do Not Hit On Nel :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 6 0 Eb YM eripmav! by FandomFoodie Eb YM eripmav! :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 10 0 No comparison by FandomFoodie No comparison :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 2 0 Gun Guitar by FandomFoodie Gun Guitar :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 8 1 Dragon Lady takes flight. by FandomFoodie Dragon Lady takes flight. :iconfandomfoodie:FandomFoodie 14 0 Nara burns by zakuman Nara burns :iconzakuman:zakuman 143 37 Exosquad: Marsala and Nara Burns by AspectusFuturus Exosquad: Marsala and Nara Burns :iconaspectusfuturus:AspectusFuturus 62 16 Nara and Marsala by LliaOlsen Nara and Marsala :iconlliaolsen:LliaOlsen 41 12 Nara Burns by LilyRedHaired Nara Burns :iconlilyredhaired:LilyRedHaired 11 2 Nara Burns by Derk212 Nara Burns :iconderk212:Derk212 40 4 Nara burns WIP by zakuman Nara burns WIP :iconzakuman:zakuman 32 2 Nara Burns Goes Beyond Chaos by LliaOlsen Nara Burns Goes Beyond Chaos :iconlliaolsen:LliaOlsen 8 2 Nara on bed by Derk212 Nara on bed :iconderk212:Derk212 18 3 Nara Burns by JimmyTwoTimes2K9 Nara Burns :iconjimmytwotimes2k9:JimmyTwoTimes2K9 9 3



Welcome To ArtWorldWide

Welcome to ArtWorldWide

All art is accepted here even if your a beginner or a professional, This group is for artists to get more exposure to the public eye!

:bulletblue: Please submit your works in the proper folders and check your fellow artists' contributions as this group is based around artists like you! :iconcheerplz:
:bulletred: Please be courteous to fellow members, not only is this a nice thing to do, it gains you respect.

:bulletgreen: No requirements to join!

We are taking applications for active staff!








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Dead group? Entries expire.
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Digital is full
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I’m here recently and will be glad if you come to see my work
Mermaid in the pool by Marshal-Niko  
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Thank you so much for requesting The Battle of a Snowy Easter.
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Rebornica FNAF Study Sketches by FunStorytimeStudios  
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Hey there! I'm Kells, and I'm a Graphical Artist with 10+ years of experience (a Poet as well). I provide Novel Covers, Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Banners, and Server Icons), Presentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), and Literary Editing.

All of my prices are semi-negotiable and reasonableRefunds are offered in certain circumstances, and quality is assured in each Commission. If you'd like a Commission from me, read the Journal below and Note/message me.

Thank you, and stay awesome! :la:

Kellsyy, Admin of 5 Groups and Founder/Publisher of Art Exhibiton. :heart:

Kellsy's Commissions
Kellsyy is a Graphical Artist whose offers Commissions of great quality for USD or DA Points. As of April 22, 2019, at 5:35 PM EST, her Commissions are Open!

She offers four types of CommissionsNovel CoversPresentations (Workplace & Personal Usage), Literary Editingand Discord Graphics (Profile Pictures, Server Icons, and Server/Channel Banners).
For further information on each type, read the entirety of this JournalBy asking for a Commission, you imply that you've read and agree to all of Kellsyy's Terms and Regulations.
Terms of Commissioning.
When Commissioning Kellsyy, keep in mind these Rules.

ToC 1: Payment, Requesting, & Pricing. 
Payment must be given before Kellsyy begins with your Commission. USD trans

WP Cover 15: All Over Again. by Kellsyy WP Cover 17: His Last Vow. by Kellsyy WP Cover #18: Lost Heart. by Kellsyy WP Cover 13: How To Become A Kellsy. by Kellsyy
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Why can't I submit anything to "Fan art" folder? Like it doesn't show when I choose a folder to submit deviation in.
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