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Art World Today is a group for anyone who enjoys art. You don't have to make it to be a member.  Art comes in all forms and what is art to one person might not be art to another. So you must be kind to other members.  We will have beginners as well as established artists in this group, so there is a variety to look at.    

:bulletpink::bulletblue::bulletorange:Gallery Submission Guidelines are subject to change:bulletyellow::bulletpink::bulletpurple:

:heart: FEATURED FOLDER: Admins only. This folder is for our First Friday Feature. The Admins will pick Members to feature. That is the only way to have your work featured in this folder. The members are picked the First Friday of every month.

:star: FAVORITE Folder:… This is where you will find our contests, Features and where you can share your favorite pieces of art done by anyone on dA.

:reading: We have gallery folders for Mature Content. "Normally we are happy to accept images of nudes provided they adhere to our guidelines, which means no porn or soft porn. This includes crotch shots, with or without clothing. Nudes will only be accepted if they are in good taste, do not degrade, show abuse or violence against women or men. Images should be submitted to Mature Content, regardless of medium,  if they contain nudity, adult themes or scary themes. Staff may move work into Mature Content if it is decided it was submitted and accepted into the wrong gallery folder. Rule of thumb when deciding what gallery folder to submit to: Does the image show nudity, show suggestive content or depict horror. If yes, submit to Mature Content.

:love: In order to keep things clean in the galleries Admins will move images to folders they feel are best fitting. Work will not be kept indefinitely. This means work is removed routinely, oldest to newest to keep folders manageable. 

:iconcocoloveplz: Please go to this… to see what parent folders we have, and how to submit your work to one of them.  Our staff will move the images to the sub folders all you have to do it put it in the correct parent folder.

:bulletgreen: You must be a member of the group to submit to our gallery.

:bulletblue: Up to 2 deviations per folder a day are allowed.

:bulletpink: We accept all types of ART made by human means, not artificial (AI) generated work. 
Please place Art in the correct folder. If there isn't a folder that fits your art please note us…

:bulletred: If you do not know why a submission of yours was declined it could be because:

:bulletblack: It was submitted into the wrong folder.
:bulletblack: It was not made by you, you did not post credit for who made the Art.
:bulletblack: Advertising for sale is not accepted “if” you contain that information in the title or in the information with monetary amounts below your work. If you are selling your work, place a link under the image that states “for more information go to this link”, that would be acceptable. The word “Sale” or showing monetary amounts, will require we decline the work.
:bulletblack: It was offensive, this group is for all ages (we do have a mature content folder, which is for artistic content).
:bulletblack: Art that is submitted that can only be viewed by your watchers.
:bulletblack: You are submitting numerous photo's of something that is to similar to a lot you have already submitted.
:bulletblack: You have double submitted the same deviation.
:bulletblack: Did not follow dA rules.

Remember we do Not Accept:
:bulletred: Works that violate dA’s rules.
:bulletred: work generated by artificial means; AI
:bulletred: Art theft will get you banned from the group.
:bulletred: No work containing racism, Anti-Semitic or hate toward any individual or group of people will be accepted and anyone who tries to submit it would be immediately removed from the group.
:bulletred:The Group Reserves the Right to Decline Any Work. Only Submit Your best Artwork, Not your Entire Gallery.

:) Please do not feel offended if your submission is declined, comment on your declined submission with the question and we will respond as to why.

:star::star::star::star: Suggest a Fave Submission Guidelines :star::star::star::star:

This is also where you will find our contest, features and events folders.  Please suggest your fave to the featured folder
:bulletgreen:Suggest a Fave
:bulletblue:Submit It Here…
:bulletpink:View It Here…

Art World Today is looking for your Favorite Pieces of Art! Please go to the top of the group page and click the star that says Suggest a Fave. Then share with us some of your favorite piece of art you have found, these would go in the featured section.
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informative and very professional. thank you for being so consice.
i wound up being founder of a group myself, i know its hard to keep up half of the time :)