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Trixie's Punishment

By artwork-tee
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Happy Thanksgiving, everypony! 

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She Didn't Steal It, She Bought It

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And now it's canon.
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garageguyHobbyist Writer
I don't know enough about Trixie's history, bother!
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Hi, would I be able to dub a few of your comics, including this one on my YouTube channel? I'll be sure to link your DA and the original comic! My YouTube is MLPMintySparks, it's ok if not, just a thought! :)
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ill think on that one fast :) dont worry i think you will like what would be our decision :) keep in touch though :D

check out
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trixie poor 
artwork-tee's avatar
o my o my 
rbskullhead's avatar
i would do the same
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Couldn't be worst.
Could have been sent to the moon.
Actually, that punishment could be better

...According to Trixie.
artwork-tee's avatar
that would have been better! LOL
gamekid36's avatar
"Hey trixie!" *shoots a spitball at her* "you got something at your face."
yodajax10's avatar
It's about time Trixie got consequences, if you ask me.
Dragonlover553's avatar
Yeah, but she never actually committed the crime she's currently being convicted for...
yodajax10's avatar
What are you talking about?
Dragonlover553's avatar
She bought the Alicorn Amulet. She didn't steal it. She did abuse the magic, but that's not my point.
yodajax10's avatar
Well, even though Trixie bought the Amulet, for all the terrible stuff she did, she finally got what she deserved in this comic.
Dragonlover553's avatar
Fair enough on the second part, though some one should probably also arrest whoever gave the Amulet of Concentrated Evil Omnipotence to a shopkeeper willing to sell it to anyone with a fairly bag of what appears to the only currency around. And the shopkeeper too.
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littlecutelokiHobbyist Digital Artist
Waaaait, she never stole it...SHE BOUGHT IT!!
gamekid36's avatar
Plot Twist!!!
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