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Tribulations of a Mailmare

By artwork-tee
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I bet Derpy sees all kinds of crazy things around Ponyville on her mail route ... xD

Artists: eCartoonman

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Poor Derpy was so traumatized, she used one of Big Mac's catchphrases.

FlareEmerald77's avatar
Since when has Derpy worked for UPS?  Gasp! Promotion?  XD
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hahahahaha lol

 just check out
Perhaps instead of cloning that book, you should have found a copy of Locking Your Door for Fun and Profit and Also Privacy.
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:D thats a good idea though
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
was that suppose to happened???
artwork-tee's avatar
lets see what would come out next :D 
Maverickwolfzx's avatar
And apparently they are still not enough.

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haha that's a bit confusing if its still not enough 
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This raises a very serious question:

Is it considered incest or masturbation?
catluvr2's avatar
Elusive? Didn't expect to see YOU here...
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:D hahaha she was utterly surprised! 
ShenkyeiRambo's avatar
Rarity can only be in it for the profit I bet.
artwork-tee's avatar
:) you bet it right 
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