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This Means War!


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First new comic in a while XD I hope you enjoy it ;3


Sketches by Drawponies

Script by Glory-VA

Inks by Paul

Background by BonesWolbach Canterlot Room

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The sequel to this should be called "Trollestia Strikes Back"

garageguy's avatar
Celestia wouldn't be that ready to suggest banishment, would she? And Cadiz, of all ponies?
TeamRocketOtaku's avatar
It's just meant to be funny, but I do agree with you that she wouldn't be that ready to suggest banishing them.
rautamiekka's avatar
Enemy patrol eliminated; enemy base unaware.
artwork-tee's avatar
hahaha nice! 

 just check out
rbskullhead's avatar
yah and twilight is three times stronger then you
artwork-tee's avatar
yeah shes smart too :D
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:D its a pillow war ye know ? HAHA 
rbskullhead's avatar
i boleve shes stonger then her
artwork-tee's avatar
haha yeah she is :) 
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NightZeroni's avatar
Am i the only one who thought this was a ref to Buggs Bunny. . . I suddenly have an itch for loonie toons
artwork-tee's avatar
Im missing the Buggs Bunny Reference. Mind explaining it?

Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
I can't tell if she's serious or if she's just trying to scare foal Twilight into peeing her bed later tonight.
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Thats probably where the story of Tyralestia came from
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
You know what this means "grabs a pillow," Typhlosion laughing gif 
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