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The Truth About Derpy


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Background: Everfree Forest Pathby RainbowRage12Flower: MLP Resource: Poison Jokeby ZuTheSkunk
Vector reference for 3rd panel: Derpy Hoovesby Stormius

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Purpleclaritydimond's avatar
I might know what went wrong.
That explains a lot.
SonicTheHedgeTrimmer's avatar
Huh, I always figured since you TOUCH a poison joke you get a physical alteration; I figured if you EAT one you get the farts or something
Garbagelogic95's avatar
i'm sad, i've read all of these comic strips
JoeBrony's avatar
If anything, they just made her the sweetest pony ever (and famous).
Jos3lol's avatar

Is adorable :3
garageguy's avatar
Toungue could have been left out. Err, in, rather. Otherwise this makes sense. Might be funnier if Derpy was somehow immune to them because of the way she is rather than being the way she is because of them.
MLPMVGuy's avatar
That explains everything....
artwork-tee's avatar
Wait0wat's avatar
As Sunset had said in "Ledgend of Everfree": That much.
artwork-tee's avatar
Care to remind me what Sunset said in LoE again?

Wait0wat's avatar
"That much."
Iron1Fox's avatar
well this explains a lot
artwork-tee's avatar
Derpy needs to limit her power, otherwise, she'll just be another Gabby, except in pony version~

hero1211's avatar
that explains so much right now...i wonder what she would be like if she took the antidote?
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CrimsonFangX666's avatar
That explains sooooooo much. o.o
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