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The Trotting Dead

Luna limped painfully along, her wings badly damaged by the last attack - she had barely escaped the horde, once again.  She looked behind her, seeing nopony for the moment, but in this mad world looks could be very deceiving.  She heard a hoofstep and froze, swinging her weapon toward the sound ... nothing.  Only her imagination.  She was parched and starving, food untainted by the virus being almost impossible to find in the past few weeks.  Despite the danger, she had to continue searching for sustenance, or she would soon be unable to resist the onslaught.

Luna approached the apple orchard cautiously, step by silent step.  The trees were one of the last remaining food sources for survivors, and the infected knew this all too well.  She heard their throaty growls from within the trees, communicating with each other in their unearthly way.  Even after so long, it still terrified her.  Flashes of memory reminded her just how close she had been to becoming one of them.

Reaching up with magic, she plucked a few of the precious fruits from the nearest tree, cringing at the slight noise that the breaking stems made.  She turned to run -

A large unicorn stabbed at Luna with her horn, and Luna screamed in panic, barely able to deflect the blow with the butt of her gun.  She pushed the mare away, about to shoot and end the pony's sad existence, when she felt her heart sink with dread.  

"Sister?!" Luna cried, feeling tears welling up, "I thought you had escaped ..."

Celestia looked back with vacant, hungry eyes.  Her fur was matted with blood and filth, and no hint of her former glory remained.  Luna's grip on the weapon shook.  She knew the right thing to do was to end her sister's misery, but her heart broke at the thought.  Even in this wretched state, she was still her sister, the companion of thousands of years ...

Other infected crowded around her from every side, their jaws clacking against jagged teeth, bony, featherless wings fluttering, rotting flesh pressing toward her.  She had seconds to choose her sister's fate - It was now or never.  

"I love you, sister," Luna sobbed.  She closed her eyes, clenched her jaw, and pulled the trigger.


Cylestea generously sponsored this poster with her pledge on Patreon!  Look forward to seeing this design at my convention booths :D

Background elements by BonesWolbach and Proenix

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Can you actually make a whole comic based on this?
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I am working on some with my male OC

But I'm not posting them

This is amazing though
artwork-tee's avatar
i can help you with that though :) 
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Actually I'm saying I don't want to post them.
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one day cloning would be possible and it will be against human rights hahaha 
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Cloning as in cloning ponies?
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-Luna 2K16,c;
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This is my new wallpaper on my phone
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i ned this as aposter i ADORE walkign dead this would definalty up my room
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If Derpy is a zombie. I wonder if the Doctor is a zombie too or not?
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i need fanfic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dreams can come true sometimes for me...but not for them :c
My Little Pony + The Walking Dead = BESTCROSSOVER EVEEEER !!!
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Luna with a revolver equals BADASS!
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Another reminder that I need to resume watching this show.
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Can Zombies still fly and use magic?
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