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The Legend of Derpy

Adventure Log, Day 5 - Rainbow Dash slowly becoming unhinged as Derpy and an endlessly repetitive fairy have the time of their lives.
Another one of my new designs - I hope you like it! Derpy is so cute ^ - ^

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The Legend of Derpy:Muffin of Time
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:iconangrydashplz::iconsays3plz:*Sigh* shouldn't we be looking for the triangle thingy? And flying would be faster than trotting. We have wings for a reason, you know.

Very cute drawing. :heart:
Graeystone's avatar
Rainbow Dash shouldn't complain. . .she should be indestructible like Epona.
Kyoshyu's avatar
Well, she has the perfect steed. :)
Rainbow look piss lol
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Absolutely adorable
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Derpy: Hey Rainbow Dash! What do you think that blue light with wings is trying to tell since we've left?
Rainbow Dash: *sigh* I don't care, don't want to know. Just get off me alread-
D: Awww... I'm pretty sure she's trying to tell us something.
RD: Huh? How can you tell it's a female if you don't even understand a word it says?
D: Uh... She seems nice, doesn't swear and-
RD: There are males who are nice and doesn't... Okay, you got me there. Hey, Derpy?
D: Yes, Rainbow Dash?
RD: If... you get defeated or killed or whatever... Can I keep you suit and your sword?
D: ..... No!
RD: Awww..... Come on!
D: That would make that blue light very sad... And it would probably follow you probably until you-
RD: All right! All right! Just don't die on me then!
D: Hey, Dash?
RD: What?
D: Do you... want a nice carrot?
RD: *gasp* You have carrots? I would love to...
D: Pffff!
RD: Argh! I swear to Celestia if you try to play with me again, I will kick your butt! Sword or not!
D: Uh.... O-okay.
RD: Now, give me that carrot!

Lovely work
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Whoa! Nice work with the picture. It does make a reference to The Legend of Derpy (or Zelda): A derp to the past. You could make the title more like something that can make a OoT and MLP mashup.
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Derpy is Best Link
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Yep definitely funny and even better colored.
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Omg...this is going to be freaking hillarious XD
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That theme music makes the pic!
I feel pixie should be replaced by Breezie on this art, just a suggesiton.
Jamorson's avatar
Really? I would've thought it would've been this:
For those of you who've seen this before, kudos.
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In a LoZ / MLP mashup like this, I'd say Navi would be a breezie. Closest thing Equestria has to fairies, at least that we've seen so far.
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Chibi Derpy Icon The Legend of Derpy

Muffin-La Yeah.....I would play that.
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