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The Great and Powerful Ego


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Has anyone else noticed that Rainbow Dash pretty much learns in each of her episodes that ego is bad, and then doesn't change at all? 


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Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3's avatar
Like Applejack has any room to call out RD either
SoupNaziMark2's avatar

Someone with a big ego has an exaggerated estimation of their importance and abilities. So being stubborn or prideful and having an ego are two different things. Please trust me on this, as I have a lifelong history of both stubbornness and and self-doubt.

Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3's avatar

Who says one can’t have an excess of pride and have an inflated ego at the same time?

SoupNaziMark2's avatar

No one: it's common. But Applejack isn't egotistical... merely stubborn and occasionally prideful.

Th3M4nW1thN0N4m3's avatar

Well, pride and egotism my not necessarily mean the same thing, but they do both generally mean one has a higher opinion of themselves that one would be led to believe. Applejack’s pride has occasionally made her think she can do no wrong, while Rainbow’s ego makes her feel like she’s the best at everything. But in general, what I was originally implying is that both have negative qualities they really can’t call each other out for because of their past actions.

SoupNaziMark2's avatar

That really is true. Yet if someone asked you who the biggest troublemaker was in The Mane Six their finger might hover near Pinkie Pie for a bit.. then point firmly to Dashie!

There's the traits we've mentioned. She's also selfish, got impulse control issues, a big mouth, and somewhat limited self-awareness.

If she was a human she'd be the sort of exciting woman that acquires husbands and ex-husbands like beads on a string. Frankly, Applejack would be the only one a guy like me could live in the same house with for long before things got toxic.😄

She'd actually be good for me: a girl who'd go out of her way on principle to stonewall the bullshit I tell myself and others, in a way that won't make me resentful.

Demon242's avatar
To be fair, Dashie has earned the right to brag as much as she does. 
Rainbow-Gale's avatar
Hi Pot. Name’s Kettle.
garageguy's avatar
The idea is funny, but the art needs some work. Applejack looks a bit deranged, and RD's wings are too long. from -5 to 5, this is probably a 2.6
blackburn91's avatar
that was one thing that will always bug me about that episode, she is a performer, its her job to make her acts sound as awesome as possible
Setakarn's avatar
Ahaha, look who's talking xD
Scyphi's avatar
You know, to be fair, Trixie hasn't done much better. I'll give her props for the fact that she actually tries, but most of the time, her ego runs pretty rampant regardless too. :P
In "Sonic Rainboom" she learned that lack of ego is bad. In "Wonderbolts Academy" she taught Lightning Dust that too much ego is bad. In "Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3" she learned some history.
CartoonMetalWarrior's avatar
That has been my complaint about RD for the longest time which is why she is my least favorite Mane 6. Still love her, but she really needs an ego check that doesn't expire. The biggest irony is the major complaint of AJ is that she's too one dimensional which why she seems to be the majority of peoples' least favorite but nobody seems to say the same for Rainbow who often tops peoples' favorite lists..
wishpony's avatar
I have to agree with Dallas. Normally I really gravitate towards characters who are hiding their true insecurities with a 'shield personality' like Dash. Yes, I know she's doing that too - hiding her fear of failure and such, but...they just play up her conceited ego side entirely too much in the show, and even when she does have a 'moment', it either seems to get entirely forgotten about or just stuffed under the rug, so I don't think she really develops much as a character. Every time we see her anew she just snaps right back to her original personality as if she learned very little, and it gets old after awhile. I don't know that there are any MLP characters that I can say I truly dislike, but she's 6 out of 6 on my mane 6 scale.

Her "I hate boring studying thing" doesn't really endear me to how she comes off to my kids either, but that's a different thing XD
The two most complex members of the Mane Six are Rainbow Dash (AKA best pony) and Rarity (AKA worst pony). But they both have personae they choose to project, so it's easy to view them as only those personae and not look any further. (And I personally have a great deal of difficulty looking past Rarity's surface, which is I think is both a cause and effect of me liking her least.)

Rainbow's ego is her shield. If she's the best, she doesn't need to be afraid of failure. If she's the coolest pony around, she doesn't need to be emotionally vulnerable. And you can't say she hasn't earned that ego; she is legitimately one of the best fliers in Equestria. And that ego is her greatest virtue; she probably couldn't spell "noblesse oblige" if her life depended on it, but it's clear that noblesse oblige is what drives her loyalty, and that obligation originates in being the most awesome pony who ever lived.
Tatsuki13's avatar
You said important things here ^^ (To be honest - my favourite is Rainbow and least favourite Rarity as well xDD)
EffKay9's avatar
you gotcha! XD
vgmaster9's avatar
Hypocrisy is magic
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