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Surprises and Revelations


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Comic Contest Winning Entry, by The1Myth 

Panel 1/2/5 background: Library interior vector
Panel 3/4 background: Library Upper Floors (Twilight's Bedroom)

Quill: Ink and Quill
Scroll: Scroll - Vector

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that's adorable

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aww now that just cute daww
Awwwww You not only make funny comics, but also those that melt hearts
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Thanks :)

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Enjoy! :)
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This comic would basically be my summarization of me trying to tell Twilight she's my favorite Pony and I just want to give her a hug
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Here's how I imagine it:

Twilight: Casey, where'd you put season 2 of the Tick? Casey?

Casey: Uh, hey Twilight. You're my favorite pony in the whole world. Can I have a hug? No. Uh. Can I have a hug, cuz you're my favorite pony? Damn, why does that sound so cheesy?

Twilight: *hugging me* And you're my favorite Brony, Casey
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AWwww, Twilights a great mommy
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yes indeed she is :) 
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Good twilight. "pets her"
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ahah Good thing though 
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