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Super Saiyan Rainbow Dash

Commission for Super-Rainbow-Dash 

"And now I'm 20% more powerful!"

:iconvegetaponyplz: "Only 20%?  Pathetic."

:iconmadrainbowdashplz: :iconsonicrainboomplz: :iconatomicrainboomplz:

:iconvegetaponyplz: x.x

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So YOU'RE the artist who's comics end up in Equestria fair. Anyways, your comics aren't 100% mlpish....they have swearing, sex mentioning, etc.
Lux-Klonoa's avatar
...Please don't tell me you're a purist. I have an extremely low tolerance for such people. =/

Especially with what you've said on my page already.
Nightcaster460's avatar
No no it's just that I though Equestria daily was an official website at first. A friend told me in the notes that it isn't and that it was made by fans. Also, I said sorry.
ImAPrettyButterfly's avatar
I love the eyebrows, but this could do without the 20% cooler shit.
AspiePie's avatar
She blow shit up now!
FralLeman's avatar
THOSE EYEBROWS!  They should be about 20% bigger.Wink/Razz 
Lux-Klonoa's avatar
...That's odd. Why didn't I get a mention of this? ...Oh, its because you linked to the wrong name. lol. It's Klonoa-Rainbow-Dash, sir. =P


Looking at the tags and title here, it's not really a crossover with DBZ. Just a fan concept inspired by Super Sonic, that's all. So I'd prefer it if the title was just Super Rainbow Dash, really. ^_^;

But regardless, heh, nice eyebrows. =P

Excellent job, excellent shading, excellent everything. And that's that. =D

Oh yeah, may I please upload this to my gallery?
evangelian007's avatar
Awesome! Dash looks awesome in her Super mode. :iconlaplz:
I honestly kind of wish that became kind of canonical to the show. But that's just me. ^^;
RainbowSplashMAP's avatar
(2 episodes later)
TheMysteriousSpy's avatar
2tailedDerpy's avatar

Also Bushy Brows :iconbigeyebrowsplz:
RavenDANIELS's avatar
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WoodenBoyBearLover's avatar
Nice knowing you world, Run Away 
LunarRepublicNight's avatar
Vegeta (Over 9000) [V2] because it's over 9000Nappa (What 9000) [V2] 
FrostRaven32's avatar
Wyzecat's avatar
She looks...

Kind of like snips.
DragonNOOB's avatar
The speed of light is most likely her plaything.
Tin-Foil-Hat-101's avatar
It's hard to take rainbow-themed villain seriously. 
Pauchisbas's avatar
Dem eyebrows dou.
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