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Princess Celestia (as seen on EQD)

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I'm very pleased with how this piece turned out. I imagine that it's Princess Celestia flying over the newly created world, at the dawn of the very first day. She is raising the sun for the first time, surveying the beautiful Equestria that she and her sister would rule for untold millennia.

(I know it's not explicitly stated that she and Luna created Equestria, but headcanon has no boundaries, does it?)

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i can't find this in your tumblr.
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Hm, odd.  Maybe I forgot to post it XD
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WOW this is wonderful!! :) (Smile) 
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I love the way you draw the wings on ponies. It's a bit different from the show, and it just looks cool. It helps make your style more unique.
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Thank you! :) I draw what I like, and I like giant cool wings :)
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Heh, this is really well done, and also cute.
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is awesome! you must have put quite a lot of work on this, I can appreciate that.
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Beautiful my friend. :) Absolutely beautiful.

(It was never stated though in my headcanon, I believe it to be someone who brought light into a world that was plagued with darkness.)
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Grat's on making EqD!
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You're on EQD! Nice!
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Whoo hoo! Thanks :D
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Thank you very much :D
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ah, she's adorable
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