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Poor companion cube. :(

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explain to me where shes going?
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This is a reference to the Valve game "Portal".

In one of the testing environment, a cube with a heart on each side is used to bypass a series of puzzle-obstacles. The evil-testing-computer (GLaDOS) goes on about how it is your faithful companion, and lucky. Then there comes a point where you must incinerate the cube to progress. After you do so the computer mocks you for being so heartless.

Basically, the Derpy cube is being killed.
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slides should be fun... just not this time 
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this amusing video came to mind:…
warning: some of the other videos in that set are very violent!
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Happy ending, the companion cube is returned at the end of 2.
artwork-tee's avatar
Oh? Oh yeah that's right XD
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Chilling as all h**l after seeing the theories about companion cubes.
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derpy cube, NOOOOOOOO!
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oh, the feels.... the memories.... COMPANION CUBE I'M SORRY MY LOVE!
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Yeah, you're going to Hell. XD
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Well this went dark
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watching game theory about portal makes this double creepy and sad.
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I hate the incinerator DX 
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jajajaaj poor Derpy XD
Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
That is horrible! XO
You should do another one where she saves her at the last second! XD
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Nooooooo derpycube !!!!!!
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Uh... what happened?
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I feel like the furnace should have a Hasbro PR department logo on it somewhere
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