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Pile o' Fillies

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Spike is soo CUTUEE ♥♥♥

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cuteeeeeeeeeFluttershy|Boop|Mlp|My Little Pony|ASK

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this is simply adorable

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I got a poster of this at Bronycan. XD
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Just got this at Pony Con! It's absolutely adorable and it's hanging up by my bed <3 
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Whoa! That is too adorable! Eee! :love:
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Good time to kiss Fluttershy's butt.
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Awww dude, its too cute!
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Chair mode activated...... *Boop!*
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Not to be weird but why does it look like rainbow dash is licking futtershy?
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They're so cute!
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LillyNightstar's avatar me in a nutshell. XD
My BFF's come to a sleepover, I stay up all night, then I wake up at 6 AM, even if I only slept 3 hours, I am all like: Good MOOOORNIIIING!
BFF's: ugh...
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Can I use this for a pic I want to do? I will credit u.
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there are blue apples near applejack!?
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oh well i must be color blind Bonnie is a Boss (Chat Icon) Bonnie Gagnam Style lol (Chat Icon) 
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