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Patreon Reward: Fire Emblem Twilight

By artwork-tee
This is human Twilight Sparkle as a tactician from Fire Emblem: Awakening.  This awesome idea is for Andrew Sallee, our first Patreon supporter at $15 per comic strip.  This lucky fellow gets a commission every month as a thanks for his support :)

By the way, if you're interested in a sketch reward, it's just $5 per week, and each month you receive a sketch of a character of your choice!  Only four out of ten slots are still available, so if you're interested, get it while you can.  Other rewards are available too, like exclusive access to a Skype group for Patreon members only!  Head over to our Patreon page and see if you're interested:


As always, this patreon reward comes courtesy of Gray :iconterminuslucis: 

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Yeah, I imagined Twilight as a tactician as well, but I didn't think someone would draw it. This is incredible!
artwork-tee's avatar
:)  Great ! glad you  like it 
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When Recruited:
Twilight Sparkle
Grandmaster LV. 15
Tomes: A
Sword: B
Starting loadout:
Silver Sword: Class: Sword Mt: 11 Hit: 85 Crt: 0 Rng: 1 Use: 30/30 LV: B A Powerful but expensive sword.
Book of Harmony: Class: Tome Mt: 15 Hit: 90 Crt: 0 Rng: 1-2 Use: --- LV: E Twilight Only. Powerful Magic from her world. Bonus Damage VS. Evil.
Elixir (3/3): Restores all HP to user.
Skills when Found:
Dual Strike +:
Increases the trigger rate of Dual Strikes by 10%
Dual Guard +:
Dual Guard Rate +10%
Dual Support +:
Increases the effect of support bonuses during Dual Attacks
Adds half the user's Strength when attacking with magic; Half the user's Magic when attacking with weapons
Element of Magic:

Strength and Magic +5; Defense and Resist +3

Crt/Skill Activation Quotes:
"I'm not afraid of you!"
"I won't back down!"
"Watch and Learn!"

Victory Quotes:
"I can't lose."
"I won't let you win."

Supported Quotes:
"Thank you, friend."
"There's nothing we can't do!"
"Our friendship is strong."

Supporting Quotes:
"I'm here!"
"Give it your all!"
"You can do it!"

Preforming Dual Strike:
"Forget me?!"
"Need some help?"
"Twilight Time!"

Preforming Dual Guard:
"Don't worry, I got it!"
"Be Careful!"
"Watch Out!"

I know the first three skills are probably ones that a
Tactician or Grandmaster can't learn, but they fit Twilight cause she's princess of friendship, and as such would believe in strength in numbers.
ImmersionMan's avatar
Only after I wrote all of this, did I realize how overboard I had gone.
N3r0Ang3l0's avatar
My friend, there is no such thing.
Daybreaker801's avatar
She looks a lot like fem robin.
there needs to be more fe x mlp:fim pics out there.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Woah!!! Twilight sure looks badass here!!! Love it!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Tactician is the perfect class for her.
artwork-tee's avatar
She's perfect for it!

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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Yep! Stellarsynthesis :iconstellarsynthesis:, the Drawponies artist, did an amazing job on it!

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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Taclight Sparkle!

Eh, I tried.
artwork-tee's avatar
Hey, it works. :)

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
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Can't believe I forgot to favorite this...
artwork-tee's avatar
It's cool. :)

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
Scaratyl-Targe-Obsid's avatar
That is really well done Fire emblem Awakening has consumed a good part of my life right now.
artwork-tee's avatar
I've never had a chance to play it. What other kind of RPG is it comparable to?

(Post by Boardgamebrony)
Scaratyl-Targe-Obsid's avatar
Mostly what Jlargent said but I would add that there is permadeath in the series which makes you really think about your actions. And the game works on a turn based system which I always enjoy.
Jlargent's avatar
Fire Emblem is for the most part a Strategy RPG, you move your units to defeat the enemy with melee weapons, spells, and bows and arrows. Each character specialize in a weapon/s depending on his/her class, for example Robin is a Tactician and he/she uses tomes and swords, as you progress the more you use said weapons the proficiency increases allowing your characters to use better quality items.

What makes Awakening unique from the other games in the series is that you can pair certain characters together, allowing you to freely ship whomever you want. The more times a character works alongside another the better their relationship both on and off the battlefield since the relationships are from D meaning that they'll just barely know each other to S meaning full marriage and have a child.

Finally, when a character reaches his/her 10th level you have the option to give them a new class based upon his/her initial class. Aside from Lord and Tactician which can change into any other class classes like Pegasus Knight can change into either a Falcon Knight or Dark Flier. And changing into a new class will allow new skills to be available, even allowing the character to use additional weapon skills.
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