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Little Pip in the Pyrelight (As seen on EQD)

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EDIT: This piece was featured on Equestria Daily's Drawfriend :D Awesome!…

If you have not read Fallout:Equestria, DO IT! It's amazing!…

Fallout:Equestria is a piece of My Little Pony fan history. This epic 608,000 word story focused on creating a harrowing wasteland shone through the eyes of a young filly named Little Pip who emerged from a sheltered underground bunker after Equestria suffered the effects of cataclysmic megaspell detonations. ~Boardgamebrony

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This is honestly one of my most favorite images of Little Pip. The design, color, style and feeling are all magnificent! So much can be said about this image. You can imagine she's just stepping out into the wasteland and seeing the horror before her, or that she's come back to the Stable, and this is her after all she's been through. I love her pose and expression. Defiant and confident, yet still showing the fragility of someone not used to the wasteland. I love this image! Love 

Just out of curiosity, I know you have prints available, but any chance you'd consider selling this as a shirt too? I'd love to have this print on a shirt, and I'm sure others would too! :happybounce: 
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glad you liked it!
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This so needs to be a shirt.  Oh, look, I have money!
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I've got this poster and mouse pad from yall at Nightmare Nights in Dallas TX couple years ago and they're pretty awesome
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do u know where I can find an poster like this of BlackJack and if not can u make one of her please I really luv her :icondrawponies:
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juts r ecently gotinto the fallout seris and i LOVE  every part of it i ve even read fallout equestria and its amazing
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may I make a base of this for one of my arts, please?
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Now don't rage too much at me people.. i know not a lot of fans like that she was cannon .. But with all these Fallout Equestria stories popping up... i think it would be awesome to have Daring do in the wasteland... or at least some one mention how she died before or after the mega spells went off.
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Is the fan fic "Fallout Equestria" availible somewhere on Deviant-Art?  
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It's on fimfiction
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Do you mean
ZanbatouX's avatar is like, but for pony fics.
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Oh! That's so clever!!
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I bought a cloth poster of this at Everfree NW this year! :D
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Yay Little Pip! She's my favorite Fallout Equestria pony.
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She's so cool :) 
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Thanks again, I love my wall scroll/print!  Great to see you at Everfree Northwest 2014!
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