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Iron Pony Rainbow Dash

"I am the iron pony!" <- straight from the horse's mouth, you guys!

Out of all the superheroes, I think Iron Man fits Rainbow Dash the best - extremely confident (some would say, arrogant), lone-wolf defender of people, rich (have you seen her cloud mansion?).  Not to mention - love of flight. 

Which pony/superhero crossover would you like to see next?

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good thing she has repulsors no way even dashie's wings could lift that armour off the ground

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Haters incoming in 3.. 2... 1...
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Not to mention how ready they both are to get back in the sky so quickly after being seriously injured.
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Dashie as Iron Man huh? Well I guess it does make the most sense since Rainbow Dash and Tony Stark are alike. Nice picture by the way, keep up the amazing work.
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How about Twilight and AntMan.  Absorbed in her work, has an underappreciated sidekick, and her popularity shrank when she gained wings. (Couldn't resist. :D)

Luna is best princess. :)
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Tony Stark Confused  Rainbow Dash (anywhere)
Brash, arrogant, egotistical, doesn't play well with others...but fiercely loyal and never backs down from a fight!

As for other pony/superhero crossovers...

Twilight Sparkle and Thor - Both wield awesome power and for both of them magic and science are one and the same.

Zecora and T'Challa (Black Panther) - They're both African, they're both mysterious, and they both have considerable resources.

Spitfire and Sam Wilson (Falcon) - They're both top-notch fliers.
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Hey, very good one.
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Scootaloo as war machine!
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Too many syllables. "Iron Mare."
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besides all that,Scootaloo can be War Machine (just saying
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I see the mask came on just fine.
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Really awesome! Maybe Rarity as the Winter Soldier, Luna as Black Panther, or Fluttershy as War Machine.
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This couldn't be 20% cooler, mathematically impossible.
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Emotipony Derpy "But i'm not Rainbow Dash"!
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Actually looks really good. Nice.
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Im Sorry Dash. You know I wouldn`t  do this if I han any other choice, but Rarity is my friend. 
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