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Hermione Sparkle (as seen on EQD)


After her apprenticeship with Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle was accepted into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She met a wonderful mare named Applejack Weasely. I might be convinced to upload a picture of her if you ask nicely.

EDIT: Saphroneth used this artwork as the cover image for his fanfiction, The Unicorn at Hogwarts. I'm delighted to see my art being used in such a way, as Saph asked me first and provided credit. Anyway, go read the story!…

EDIT: applied multiple suggestions made my my friend Lan, and uploaded the fixed version.

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Now after a closer look, Twilight ear seems very big, it is almost 1/3 size of her face.
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I'm SOOOOO glad that I bought one of these at CMPC! Thanks for this beautiful piece of art man! You are a freaking prophet! :D
artwork-tee's avatar
Thank you very much :D I'm glad you enjoy it
Botboy41's avatar
Awww, She's Flippin ADORABLE, Twi as Hermione Works Perfectly
artwork-tee's avatar
fonejackboy's avatar
I think Hermione and Twilight Sparkle would be good friends if they ever crossed paths...Nice work.
artwork-tee's avatar
Thank you so much :D
Sharidaken's avatar
Will you be drawing any more of Twilight? :D
Sharidaken's avatar
Great :D I can't wait to see them :eager:
FacilierFan93's avatar
Her ear is way roo big
artwork-tee's avatar
Yes, I know ..... going to fix that :D
Saphroneth's avatar
...I have a fic this would be excellent for. Mind if I use it as the cover art?
artwork-tee's avatar
Absolutely! Link it to me here and I'll put it in the description of the drawing :3
Saphroneth's avatar

Here's the FimFiction link. It's on and DA as well, but I'll look into their functions for cover art later (that is, when I put the next chapter up most likely)
artwork-tee's avatar
Awesome! I added the link to the description. Thanks for using my art!
Saphroneth's avatar
Thanks for agreeing to it.
Sorry to say I won't be able to get writing again for a bit, but once I am that story's one of the top priorities. Twilight should be actually Sorted fairly soon.
artwork-tee's avatar
Awesome! Hope it continues to do well :D
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