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Gawdyna Grimfeathers (Commission)

A $15 sketch commission for BrassIronhoof that I completed of the Fallout: Equestria character, Gawdyna Grimfeathers. I think this is my favorite sketch I've ever done. Griffons are challenging to draw in general, and this character in particular I didn't really like the character designs other people had made, so I made one up myself. A black beak, battle armor, a ripped cloak, spikes on the tail, and a fun scarf. I'm also pleased with how the gun design turned out.

However, the part of the piece I'm most pleased about is the rosary. Gawdyna is called "Gawd" in Fallout: Equestria, but as far as we know there's no other allusions in her costume to her being "Gawd." I feel like a religious symbol just adds to the piece as a whole.

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after all this time, i finally get who gawdyna is. And why not to spoil it. Gawd (Pun) damn she's cool.
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I wouldn't. Don't worry.
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grimfeathers is one sexy gryphon
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Haha, this is awesome! Love the detail!
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Thank you very much :P
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I like seeing more griffons drawn in cute, almost show accurate style. I also agree, the cross really completes the image.

Hater: But Christianity doesn't exist in Equestria!
Gawd: Fuck you I'm GAWD! *pistolwhips*
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Awesome :D Thanks!
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Nice badass griffon!
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Message from Kkat:

Nice! :dance:
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Oh my gosh, thank you Kkat :D
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I can't wait to hang this in my room!
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