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Fallout: Equestria Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer

Ever since RainbowRocks, I've been wanting to see more out of Sunset ^_^.

Imagine this is how they'd look like in Fallout!


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Awesome picture :D
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Those familiar with Fallout equestria probably know that its action takes place at the time BEFORE Twilight became an alicorn, therefore any characters that debuted in MLP after the conclusion of season 3 were only for the fans to handle. Very few to none however considered what might have happened to Flash or Sunset in Fallout Equestria. This is so far the only idea anyone had. I was planning to write a Fallout equestria fanfic focusing on Flash's fate in the war, but after writing a prologue, just didn't felt like it anymore.
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it seems flash survived the war but at the cost of ghoulification
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Can I use this pic in my fic?
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Message from Kkat:

Very nice! :clap:
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They're one of the cutest couples in MLP history!
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Cool! did he save her life countless times?
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Sunset just wants Flash to take off his damn princess booties.
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They're survivors for sure! :)

That billboard is surely indicative of happier times for Sunset Shimmer. :/
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After the apocalypse Sunset gets her own brand! 
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The two of them lived through the apocalypse in the human world through cryogenics, but when they saw the human world devastation, they left for Equetria, only to discover that it, too, was in ruins.
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I'd read it.
I wonder if this would be like the random event in FO:NV where the guy who has the blue star cap necklace is betrayed by his companion.
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Huh, good thought
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lol at the drinks 
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woot that the second pic u sent me in the comments lol 
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well..... that ghoul sentry turned out..... well? i guess?
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