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Epic Space War Of Destiny


The Truth About Derpy by artwork-tee  <— PREVIOUS COMIC | COMICS GALLERY  |  NEXT COMIC —>   Comic: How Daring Don't Should Have Ended by artwork-tee

Even those who are immortal cannot resist the call to play pretend.

Panel 4 background: Fondo castillo Canterlot XDby BIGCCV (with some color changes)

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who say the two Alicorn Princess can't do some little chill play only for fun

MLP Friendship is Magic - Lord Tirek humorous Icon "PRINCESSES! I AM HERE TO TAKE YOUR MAG-er is this a bad time? The director called and wanted me to do the scene, but it looks like you are busy. So I it! I'm not good under pressure!"

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*Guard walks in, sees this... walks out slowly, backwards and vows never to speak of it*

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Epic Spacewar is epic!

TheEnderRebel's avatar
I feel this should be episode 3, episode 5 should have a great reveal!
fyre-byrd's avatar
So are they just being sisters here?
TeamRocketOtaku's avatar
hahaha so childish!
fyre-byrd's avatar
Maybe it's them being sisters?
garageguy's avatar
Several spring and glitch and maybe even a few electric spark noises. What...???
ZanarNaryon's avatar
MLP Princess Luna (Super Cereal) Plz For the Daelaam, En Taro Zeratul
Angry Celestia The Zerg Swarm will consume you  
Thorax-the-Railfan's avatar
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Obi-Wan Kenobi Icon :Use the Force Luna
artwork-tee's avatar
May the force be with you luna :)

just check out
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
"Celestia ship explodes."
artwork-tee's avatar
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Well these nerds would be friends with someone else I know... -cough cough- The Tallests -cough cough-
fyre-byrd's avatar
So is Luna a HuMANy or something?
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