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Drinks Of Future Past


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Third place winner, written by RoxRock

Panel backgrounds 1-3: Park by BonesWolbach
Panel 4 background: Ponyville Wasteland (fallout Equestria) by Vector-Brony

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This is like a prequel for 'Equestria Fallout: Shining Hearts'...

I would like to say there are worst ideas than giving Pinkie Pie an energy drink, but I can not think of any.

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Rainbow Dash causes the Fallout.
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I didn't know Pinkie Pie was weaponized into a megaspell. Also didn't know the zebras had somepony similar in their kind and did the same thing. :XD: :XD:
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Ouch. If that's monster, then what would 4-hour energy do?

I a recalling the comparison in a chemistry video between the Manhattan project and a hydrogen fusion bomb.
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*reads yup in a really gravelly voice*

*realizes it's scootaloo*

Meh. Still works. He was right next to it, had to do something.
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She became a smoker in her old age? XD
Alcolm's avatar
I would imagine being right next to an explosion would so something to one's voice.
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Hmmm. Lets see what happenes when we give her cobra next
artwork-tee's avatar
hahaha thats exciting :) 
Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
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Just remember folks.

Live out your Fallout fantasies by bringing the hyperactive pink one some Monster.
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Ain't no party like a Pinkie Pie party~

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