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Changeling Queen vs the Equestrian Princess of the Night!  Who do you think will win?  Tell us in the comments!

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OC1024's avatar
I bought a poster of that pic at the Gala Con 2015.
Finaly I found it.
artwork-tee's avatar
Nice :) can you show it to me ? :)

check out
artwork-tee's avatar
Thats absolutely stunning :D

check out
FallenWish-Creations's avatar
I HAVE THIS ON A PILLOW! And a Fluttershy on the other side. 
cajobif's avatar
A fight we wish happens

BEautiful work
Would it be ok if i used this picture for my story on fimfiction? I wrote it based on your picture. Here is a link if you…
TheNeoStrike's avatar
Heard you made this into a shirt Xp
but THIS version though Xp
TheNeoStrike's avatar
I was there for that XD
wasn't I big guy?
PencilPonies's avatar
I'd pay to see that fight.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
What an epic battle!!! :la: :la: :la:
julian0123's avatar
That's so cool :wow:
Revenir-Ghoul's avatar
Both are awesome. :3
ScarabsCorner's avatar
ringtailmaster's avatar
Luna vs Chrysalis, could be a great battle, my bets for Luna
thepoisonivy24's avatar
looks at it with a derp face. and says so, awesome...Dat Derp 
thepoisonivy24's avatar
fishofglass's avatar
You have a great talent!
bowlingballhead's avatar
Luna?  And it won't even be close?  Chrysalis had to eat the love of the Princess of Love to be able to take on Celestia.  Don't think because she's shorter that Luna is weaker than Celestia.  Luna forced eternal night over Celestia, and the moon is symbolically the source of magic.  The studio deliberately leaves so many things open that they can decide whatever they like whenever they like, but all signs point to 'Luna would kick Chrysalis's plot up and down the street.'

Ever notice they kept her out of the fight entirely?
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