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Dirty Little Secret


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Between you and me? I bet it was Twilight XD


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I was once ...frech kisased by a gelding and .... I liked it  * Blushing like Princess Luna * Hope my sisters don't mind it ?  LOL 
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I mean, immortality makes a lot of things boring after a while.  Celestia's probably done a lot more than you'd think over the thousand years you were gone, Luna. '^v^
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Molestia??? :3
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Luna: Dearest sister, truley thay would not tell our subjects about such unrefined behaviours?
Celestia: *snickers* ooooh i dont know about that sister dear...
Luna: .... what do you want?
Celestia: Oooh nothing much just that there is this dream you have been ending a tad to early ...
Luna: Deal ... let us never speak of this again!
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Oh, I a so glad she was just singing. Though I think one more panel is neccesary,
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Even the most royal of mares can act childish  XD
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Mistress Molestia is still out there...
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Well she does whip the black off my bottom when I do bad.😜
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Celestia: Well... go on
Luna: ...just... leave...
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Celestia is gonna use that later, of course.
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YAY lunas a old KP fan
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ps ur art is better then mine anyways
Splashia's avatar
cough this art is traced
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Fierce-Dities-Link's avatar
I Love Luna So Much! X3
I don't mind she kissed a mare! XD
Luna: uh oh... Sister this is not how it looks like... i... i... i... i...

Celestia: i think you need get out and find your own coltfreind not goning to other mares... if that's ok with you luna... ok?

Luna: ok... Maybe i should get out more...

Spy crab: you really need to find a boyfriend you blue alicorn luna of something...

Luna: what?! *grabs a mellit hammer and some others by using magic*

Spy crab: uh oh... 0_0'

Luna: how about i tern you into crab paste for hoofs in my shoes and your claws as my hair clips...

Spy crab: i... Uh... *screams for some no reason* i'm out of here! *dashis out luna's room then out of the castle*

Celestia: was that really necessary luna?

Luna: sorry...... it's just he likes to spy on me for some no reason... it's like if he was acting like you... You did sent him here did you?

Celestia: i was hopefully he well keep an eye on you...
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Katy Pony. I knew it
Gen-SilverChicken's avatar
Celestia in last panel, WTF!?

Actually, now that I think about it, not such a big surprise...
SalvatoreMasterDenif's avatar
I suggest Luna start running, because I get a feeling that Molestia is about to be released. O.O
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