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Descent Into Bronydom


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Admit it guys, we all know how true this is for some of us. :P Denial only lasts so long!

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I got the idea for this comic after reading this:  I... I S-SWEAR IM NOT A FURFAG... by wherewolfe by 
wherewolfe :D

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You know, I am a fan of the show and its community, yet I have never watched a single episode in entierty and honestly never plan on doing so, I'm happy right where I am here and now so I just feel no need to change from that.
FlareEmerald77's avatar
I’m kinda the same. I know almost everything about the characters, the adventures, read more fan comics than anyone, and made fan art, yet only watch small clips
Veratai's avatar
 well this is funny xDc

although in all that i seem to have missed the pony bug somewhat
garageguy's avatar
Gasp! Yes, I empathized! A 4 at least.
garageguy's avatar
OOps. He hair is changing color. She is being pulled in...
I can almost... empathize...
BadgerHood12's avatar
this reminds me of me
rbskullhead's avatar
for me i would pick fluttershy
artwork-tee's avatar
rbskullhead's avatar
thanks i want to get the pjs
ZetaRESP's avatar
I actually wasn't on denial, but in fear, as my only memory of MLP was an episode that ended on a cliffhanger and it kinda drew nightmares from me.

That's right: I was scared of MLP, scared it was becoming popular and scared I would be a fan of it. Deal with it.
ZetaRESP's avatar
Yeah. I was scared of My Little Pony and the only reason I got into the fandom was because of Lesson Zero and Party of One... Yeah, I got into the fandom in Season 2 thanks to episodes where part of the Mane 6 got crazy.
ZetaRESP's avatar
It must be a first time for a fan, right?
artwork-tee's avatar
meepking123's avatar
ha thats me a bit
QuadragonX's avatar
Oh I like how his eyes turned that radish purple and!
AGENT00NINJA's avatar
ninjab87's avatar
My boy. She's my favorite too.
GermanIdolGod's avatar
That's pretty much how it happened for me. Except I actually found it by way this guy-
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