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Derpy's Cutie Mark


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Fourth-place winner in the comic contest, written by UltraTheHedgetoaster

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Queen Novo: They can be a great Equestria, Derpy. They wish to be. They only lack the light to show the way...

Jumpman: You two will give the People of Equestria and the Mushroom Kingdom an Ideal to Strive towards. They'll race behind you. They will stumble and will fall. But in time... They will join you in the sun, You two...

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First she’s a Changeling, now she’s a seapony? WHAT ARE YOU DERPY?!

Great comics, btw, you’re super talented!
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Just like Pinkie, she is not to be questioned.

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she's a Changeling-seapony
equestriaguy637's avatar
wait? where have i seen this kind of transformation bef... Oh wait XD
garageguy's avatar
As if.

PS: Derpy and the doctor are married from what I've gathered. How on Earth did this happen, and why is it so hard to notice in the show?
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I hope they show these two more in the show, I feel like most of the time they don't give these kind of characters big screen time and very small and limited screen time, I really want to see more of derpy and doctor hooves.
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so glad you enjoyed it urzapw2000 
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AWWW So cute. "Explodes from cuteness."
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Shoo be doo~

Derpy Clapping Icon 

Ironwarchiefwarsong's avatar
Time Turner caught a wild merderpy
meepking123's avatar
no words just confused idkw
violinpon3's avatar
that was touching
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PacificGreen's avatar
I feel sorry for Derpy's sea family now. :(
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According to one of the oldest myths/stories about horses.. The Greek/Roman god of the seas made horses and since ponies came from horses.... It is not impossible for a pony to come from the sea if you go by the myths.. So why not have her come from the sea??.. heh...
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dawwwwww so precious 
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Now THAT makes sense! Nice!
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